Bugmenot: Passwords suck

BugMeNotPasswords suck, that’s why Bugmenot.com is a website that allows it’s members to share their passwords to various online services and websites.

For example, did you ever wanted to read a story at New York Times but you didn’t had an account ?

Bug me not NYT, then:


They have a cool and useful feature that allows members to vote on the success rate of a certain username and password. It works pretty good for the initial scanning about which of the usernames and passwords to try for your service.

This website is not one that I would actually enourage or approve (some of the websites in their database, like the NYtimes, usually charge for an account, so basically, this website is illegal), but I can’t help to see it’s definite advantage (to various users).

If I’ll receive any legal notices, I’ll remove the post :)

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10 thoughts on “Bugmenot: Passwords suck”

  1. Wrong. They don’t include Paid For accounts:

    FAQ: Our policy forbids accounts to paid services from being posted.

  2. I don’t think you’ll get any legal notices. You’ve just posted a news. Maybe if you had posted a tutorial about how to do some illegalities…but it’s not the case.

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