A spammy furniture online store

Now the guys in here, were spamming the search engines, with a hidden DIV (invisibile DIV) with like 10 A3 papers of repeating words:

A spammy furniture online store

A whole damn language. These guys are really stupid too, trying to come to us (over at Seopedia Forum) and say their stupid, lame ass opinions :)

And after a few discussions with us, they made the whole text visible, in the footer of the page. How stupid can you be ? I just hope Google actually notices this after about 10 reports from us.

Anyway, they have one more website, in their network of SPAM sites, besides this one. Here they are :

Mobila proasta
Electronice defecte

Enjoy your life spammers :)

Edit 20.02.2006 : This website has been banned from Google (with repetead spam reports).
So you out there. Watch out.

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5 thoughts on “A spammy furniture online store”

  1. At the beginning i use also some bad seo technics, all this i learned from good positioned (top results) web sites, but after years of experience in seo and analyzing, i ensure you that respecting web standards and writing semantic web will keep your website on top, even when search engine methods (software alghoritm) change.

  2. Hidden keywords, invisible divs, doorway pages, 302 redirects are just means of getting everyone’s pages banned, or to make them show up in forums as bad examples.

    I would really love to see a cleaner web.

  3. Hello everyone.

    This is so weird, a cleaner web is just a dream in my opinion.

    Think of it this way, you have the Obor “flea market” type of people that are running their corner yelling “cigarettes, marlboro cigarettes, cheap cigarettes, coffee and cigarettes, more cigarettes, kent cigarettes, buy my cigarettes” and they only have $400 worth of merchandise and, a lil’ bit forced comparison, the Seat people with 20.000 cars per year whispering “Auto Emotion” in your ears from time to time.

    Besides all the technical tips and tricks that make things happen, you need to look at the aspect from a marketing perspective. Now, there is good marketing and bad marketing as well as long term results that last and practices that give results in the short run.

    I think everybody in here knows more than enough about the black hat and white hat parts of SEO/SEM, nevertheless, we all like stepping on the grey area from time to time.

    It’s weird though in my opinion that after the obvious spam the website shows no. 1 for “mobila”, has a page rank of 4 perhaps from aging, has 299 pages indexed in Google and 40 something links pointing to it.

    The internet is full of similar case studies.

    A nice Web 2.0, Internet 2.0 or whatever they are calling it these days, to continue the “cleaner web” idea is Seth Godin’s initiative called Squidoo at http://www.squidoo.com. A better Dmoz, where people are able to start their own “lenses” based on a subject or theme. A cleaner search engine or search start point for different researches. They are producing revenue from AdSense and they split the ROI between the members, but nevertheless, we are all subjective and i am sure people will use it for preferential promotion. You won’t be able to accuse abuse of something like that to Google.

    It’s all about marketing ethics.

    PS: very nice blog, i’m just starting to digest it, thumbs up!

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