Yahoo! Store implements the Google Sitemaps

A new feature: Sitemaps for your store was implemented.

What strikes me, is that they only mention Google Sitemaps:

Once the Sitemap file is enabled on the Search Engines page, merchants will also be able to proactively inform search engines about pages in their store by submitting their Sitemap file to programs such as Google Sitemaps.

I mean, a Yahoo! blog, mentioning only a Google service (with a link too) for a new feature they released. Yahoo! has a sitemap submission page too [insert author of that post here], you know.

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2 thoughts on “Yahoo! Store implements the Google Sitemaps”

  1. Hi Cristian,

    You are correct that Yahoo! does have a feed submission page however that page does NOT currently accept files in this format (rather a text file with all urls). So there would be no reason to point merchants to this page currently.


  2. Hey Paul. Sitemaps are usually gzipped or tarred to achieve lower sizes. Programs like the Google sitemaps or the Yahoo feed submission page recognize these archived formats and opens them.

    The definition of a sitemap doesn’t mean that the file itself should contain only XML language. It could be a txt with URL’s too.

    I myself have websites that generate archived sitemaps (xml for Google and txt for Yahoo) and submits them daily to the relevant Google and Yahoo pages.

    My final point, you should have included Yahoo!’s own page in that article too. After all it’s Yahoo!’s blog :)

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