WebmasterRadio.fm featuring JenSense

WebmasterRadio.fm featuring JenStarSo i was just reading my daily dose of Threadwatch, and i came upon Aaron’s conspect on Jen’s new show on WebmasterRadio.

Now Jen’s recently been promoted to moderator in Digitalpoint Forums, by Shawn, and together with this little blurb, and with all the conferences she is attending to, i think she is on the right track to outmost glory.

I mean i read her blog a lot, and i love to see her get involved in Digitalpoint, even before she had privileged rights.

I’m gonna listen to WebmasterRadio a lot more from now on. It’s a great resource for the new industry trends, as well as great music (i actually listened to songs i haven’t heard in so much time, and which i love).

Here are the online music feeds, for various players :

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