WebCEO 6.0 Released

WebCeo 6.0 Web CEOSo WebCEO 6.0 is released.

As ever, it’s still FREE :)

PS: I want to make this clear. I do not use the submit part of any software. I only use the monitoring part. You guys should do the same.

Automatic submissions are not only against the major search engine’s TOS, but are unneeded actions. To further strengthen this fact, just see my last note in this post.

As for the monitoring part, Web CEO is one of the best desktop tools out there, and did the job just fine for me, in the past.

What’s new :

  • Find Link Exchange Partners with Link Partner Finder. Before now, you could analyze the linking tactics of some of the most successful websites in your industry, spot their partners and approach them manually. Now, with this new tool, you can save a great deal of time.
  • This new tool allows you to contact the most successful (that is highly ranked websites) in either an automated or semi-automated way. Customizable email templates, partner evaluation and grouping, automatic extraction of email addresses from pages, correspondence scheduling – it’s all included and more!
  • Manage Your Paid Search Campaigns Through the PPC Campaigns Manager. This tool allows setting up and accessing accounts with the most prominent pay-per-click search engine programs such Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search Marketing from a single dashboard – putting you conveniently in control.
  • Sharing Reports With Your Clients and Colleagues. Client Center is a new tool in Web CEO (File > Client Manager) that allows sharing Web CEO reports with others through a small software program that can be installed on your clients or colleagues’ PCs. Most importantly, there is no mention of Web CEO, so if you deliver professional services with Web CEO your clients will not know that all you had to do is set up reporting options once and then only charge them regularly. At the moment this feature is in Beta and allows sharing reports for HitLens. Available to paid users.
  • New Workflow For Search Engine Optimization and New Features in the Optimization Tool. The Optimization tool now has a workflow similar to Editor. You can optimize multiple web pages. Improvements include keyword density analysis, search engine view (you can see how a search engine sees your pages), exact and non-exact keyword match analysis.
  • Auto-filling of Forms in the Submission Tool. To make manual submissions even easier, Web CEO will automatically fill in the information needed to submit a website. Normally you will only have to review and confirm a submission without having to type a word.
  • Building a List of Favorite Search Engines with the ‘SE Favorites’ feature.Create a customized search engine list in the Manual Submission section using your favorite search engines and directories.
  • Search Engine Saturation Reports in the Ranking Tool.The new report shows what pages from your website and competitors’ sites are visible to search engines with a breakdown by search engines.

To download, just go to the WebCEO download page. Save the installation kit to your computer and run it.

PS: The Web CEO website, is banned from Google.

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11 thoughts on “WebCEO 6.0 Released”

  1. IMHO, if the website uses the API to provide the backbone of it’s tools, then it’s ok. Other types of queries, that do not involve the Google API, are against Google’s TOS.

    As for banning ? I really don’t know. I even don’t know why Webceo is banned. Probably because it uses automatic search engine submissions.

  2. I tried WebCeo once, I don’t remember wich version or when. But since then, I get a lots of emails from Marina Savenkova, my Support Archangel. I like that: Support Archangel – it makes me feel important, but I’ve never payed atention to the rest of the email. Even today, I just deleted the email anoucing me that the V 6 is out, but after reading your post, I’ve decided to give it a try, if you say that it’s worth it.

  3. Marina was my angel too :D.

    I think it’s just marketing bullshit :D

    Anyway, you give it a try, especially on the monitoring sections, like keyword positions and such. And you come back here and tell us your opinion on this piece of software.

  4. It is on this Bigdaddy DC.

    Altough it is possible to reapper in ALL DC’s in a matter of days.

    Maybe this ban was just a Google glitch or maybe they did a reinclusion request some time ago, and now they are indexed again. :D

    Thanks for the note man.

    PS: How’s your game goin’ ?

  5. >As for banning ? I really don’t know. I even don’t know why Webceo is banned. >Probably because it uses automatic search engine submissions.

    Cristian you are a Genius)))))))

  6. It seems i was REALLY messed up back there… Maybe i wanted to say something else, and then came back to the original subject :D

    You evil person, you :D

  7. interresting.. I’ve used WebCEO last year, Marina was my archangel too hehehe
    I like it overall, it’s a must have – at least for beginners

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