Think LIVE Search is easy to trick ? HA

Loren from Search Engine Journal just realised that with 230.000 backlinks and thousands of Google indexed pages, Microsoft’s LIVE decided that it doesn’t have room for SEJ.

It’s not there damn it.

Live Search misses Search Engine Journal

The funny thing though, is that LIVE is reporting more then 80.000 backlinks to SEJ.

Loren, Loren, you must be a god damn big spammer to be banned in such a way heh ? :)

I think some Microsoft engineer should be really careful with that coffee on the top of the server next time.

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10 thoughts on “Think LIVE Search is easy to trick ? HA”

  1. It has an explanation, it is Microsoft Software.

    When i got some time.. i look where my visitors came from, some of them are from MSN, i click on that link to see what they searched for, and i get that result with no result found….

  2. Haha, thanks for that. That was good for a laugh. Indeed, I have to say from what I’ve seen from the search results on, it would be worrying indeed if they gain market share.

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