Jenstar a Digitalpoint moderator

So Shawn over at Digitalpoint, has made the wisest decision since a few months ago.

He just jot Jenstar to moderate for DP.

As she is our contextual advertising guru, she will be visiting the Adsense and Yahoo Publisher categories more.

I’m actually happy Shawn made this decision. This means Jen will come there more often now, and that can only do good, not only to us (who know a little or two about contextual advertising) but to the whole Digitalpoint community.

I mean DP is really one of the best SEM forums out there.

I actually gave repetead e-mails to the Adsense and Google Blog (the last one more frequently), as how could they not include DP in the “what we read section”.

Anyway, I read her blog when i get the chance, and i’m happy to see her act there too.

Welcome Jen :)

PS: Discuss this here.

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4 thoughts on “Jenstar a Digitalpoint moderator”

  1. Neah .. You guys rule. Rob’s got his own way of saying things. He’s Crazy you know …

    Jenstar’s just to show that the forum’s brand is growing :)

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