The Google Effect: The (RED) campaign

I wonder why does Google put a link on it’s frontpage, to a website that he KNOWS it can’t handle the traffic ?

I think the Join Red website (now offline), can’t even handle 2% of the traffic that Google is sending it now:

Join Red

Edit: 30 seconds ago, the above link was replaced with a logo, and a link to a Google search about World AIDS Day:

World AIDS Day

I guess they figured it out for themselves :)

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19 thoughts on “The Google Effect: The (RED) campaign”

  1. But anyway 2% of google traffic is very good traffic

    Not 2% of Google traffic. 2% of the traffic Google sends with that frontpage link.

    I’m glad we responded quickly, at least.

    Matt, yep. That was quick. And now I see that the website holds on with the traffic.

  2. Cristian i never saw the RED website down…but i was wondering how come RED able to take banner/logo on the google home page…google does this society or somethig else :-)

  3. Yeah I saw that when the website was down. Would have been odd if the site had been dugg at the same time. I wonder if they are going to be the next PR 9 now.

  4. Wow… I wonder what that does for their PR?!

    – if the link was there only for a day I don’t think it was very important for the PR… they have only 6…

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