Google search without ads and other options

Clean Google SearchI once wrote about a lot of Google “secret” features (and part 2), including an ad-free Google search.

Ionut and Philipp wrote about this search too, including it’s up’s and down’s. It appears to have a lot of success amongst Google users that don’t want to see ads and the extra features that Google offers for it’s search results:

  • no links for Images, Maps, Groups, News, Video
  • no links for account settings, account history
  • no ads
  • no Google Oneboxes
  • no spelling suggestions
  • no related queries
  • no number of results
  • no definitions
  • no cached links
  • no advanced search, preferences
  • no tracking: the URLs of the search results are direct links, not redirects

Guys, I bring you the coolest, cleanest Google search in the world :)

PS: I doubt that this domain will be online a month from now on, so get the most of it :)

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4 thoughts on “Google search without ads and other options”

  1. That removes a lot of usefull stuff, like keyword suggestion. Is there a way that I can only remove those nasty Sponsored Google ads from my Searches ?

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