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As far as I can see, Google is starting to send messages to searchers, when an already indexed URL found in the Google Serps is redirecting to another URL. This happens only when you are logged in your Google account (because otherwise, the redirect URL doesn’t show up).

Ionut apparently found this about 10 days ago. TomHtml dispersed some clouds:

Google add this feature some days ago, after a French security website warned (many times*) Google about that issue. : February, the 9th 2007

Anyway, the whole redirect file has this message, so all the scammers using the Google redirect file, for blackhat tehniques, are now a little less happier.

Google redirect notice Google redirect notice

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  1. Interesting. Google doesn’t seem to be giving this notice for 301 redirects though – I just checked this. I think this message is somewhat annoying.
    -Peter Kleitsch

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