Google is wacko

So my friend Janos messages me, and shows me this :


Can anyone explain this 1649 character description ? Check it out.

More in Janos’s blog.

Edit23 September: I am now seeing this weird problem for my blog too (and the website mentioned above now shows OK):

Google Search problems

Can someone at Google have a look at these issues ?

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9 thoughts on “Google is wacko”

  1. I see this errors myself :) Anyway in the last week was a lot of changes on google. I see a lot of pages droped / removed from google and others comming up on first results.


  2. Cristian: I’m just using the normal tag cloud that comes with UTW (Ultimate Tag Warrior) for WordPress. I’m slowly going to be moving to categories with a side-tag cloud though, when the theme gets redesigned soon.

  3. Sure, glad I could help. I’m getting ready for a redesign myself. The one I currently have was only meant to be a temp. design and was never intended to be live this long. I should have a killer design ready in a couple months.

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