Breaking: Google Analytics gets a major interface upgrade

Google Analytics just upgraded the interface we were all getting used to, with a new enhanced BETA version.

Google Analytics

Neither the Google Blog or the Google Analytics blogs have any posts yet, for this new interface facelift.

From the FAQ Section:

Many accounts already have access to the new version. If your account does not yet have access, you won’t have to wait long. Over the next several weeks, we will be migrating all existing Analytics accounts to the new Google Analytics interface.

Any insights ? How do you guys find the new interface ?

Update: The official Analytics blog published the news just now.

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5 thoughts on “Breaking: Google Analytics gets a major interface upgrade”

  1. My account didn’t get the new interface yet, but from the tour is looking good … I love the Export to PDF feature.

  2. i had no time to dig better but it seems they have done a great job. it looks much better but it takes a longer time to upload the data. for now.
    i’ve found interesting details on

  3. I have the Analytics account for a year and gave one invitation while it was on beta. I logged in today on my analytics account and saw the new interface. Pretty neat.

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