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Digital Point Forums

As each day passes, Digital Point Forums grows and grows. Not only in general SEO developers and user’s eyes, but in the printed and online media’s eyes too.A pure proof of this is the recent article about Shawn Hogan, founder of Digital Point Solutions, who also owns the well known search engine and webmaster forum, Digital Point Forums.

Digital Point recently exceeded 16.000 users, being already targeted (from some time now) by Adsense (Google), MSN and Yahoo! support representatives, who help users in their problems and questions about services offered by each representative’s company.

As New York Times states in this article, Digitalpoint gets about 10.000 USD per month from the Google Adsense program. But as Shawn repeatedly said that he doesn’t maintain either the tools or the forum, for the money, the 10.000 USD (this is the amount Shawn declared) are shared amongst the users.

From various sources, Digitalpoint gives away 78.5 cents from each earned dollar. That leaves a total of 2150 USD income for Shawn and Digitalpoint. To be serious, that doesn’t even cover the servers or the bandwidth.

By the way Shawn… I agree with Minstrel in here : you’ve got a god damn weird cat-looking creature man.

Well, good luck DP community, and keep it up Shawn ;)

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  1. Digital Point Forums is famous even for chinesewebmasters,i also track you bolg from a DP artice about “Stolen content “.

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