FeedBurner acquires Blogbeat

FeedBurner acquires BlogbeatFrom FeedBurner’s website we learn that Blogbeat was aquired and it will be fully integrated into FeedBurner’s standard service by the end of Q4 2006.

More about Blogbeat:

What is Blogbeat?

FeedBurner Invasion! Planet Blogbeat acquired by FeedBurner overlords Blogbeat is an online service that provides insight about what’s happening on your blog including who’s reading, what posts are being read, which content is most popular, and much more.

Why did FeedBurner acquire Blogbeat?

As the world’s largest manager of syndicated content feeds, our mission is to provide our hundreds of thousands of publishers with the most comprehensive view of how their content is being distributed and consumed online. Our publishers want insight into the relationship between their feed subscribers and their site visitors. We aim to please.

From Feedburner’s Blog, we also find that Jeff Turner (former Blogbeat employee) and Matt Blumberg (CEO of Return Path) are also joining forces.

What does this acquisition mean for you?

FeedBurner customers will have a means of comparing feed trends and metrics to site metrics in some interesting and non-traditional ways. By the end of the year, we’ll have assimilated… er, incorporated Blogbeat functionality into the familiar FeedBurner platform. If you’re a Blogbeat customer, we first welcome you with a full refund since Blogbeat will become a part of StandardStats, our free service. Additional (and optional) paid services will be built out in the future. During the transition, you will continue to be supported by Blogbeat, and we encourage you to take a look around FeedBurner and get used to the joint.

If you don’t use FeedBurner’s services yet (most of them are free AND powerfull), go ahead and try them. They rock.

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