The first Bloglines flaw

Not so long ago, I was so happy about Bloglines and the time it saves me. Well I’m still glad about it and it still saves me time, but I found the first flaw/bug :) :

Bloglines flaw

So I was trying to read my dear Google Analytics blog and I end up with Desi Bhargav (the girl from Bali) :twisted: …

Now, it’s not that I don’t understand Indonesian (:D) :

Complaining itu natural kan ya? Kadang kalo kita ga puas sama apa yang kita dapet, kita pasti complain..tapi kebanyakan complain juga ga bagus toh? Nikmati aja, enjoy aja what we have….don’t ask too much..hehe…sok nasehatin…

But I want to read about Google Analytics.

So Ryan, do you think that you can fix this too, for my account ?

If you look in the image above, I can’t (altough I have the right feed in that subscription, another feed is apearing in my right frame).

Thanks dude :)

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One thought on “The first Bloglines flaw”

  1. Hi, Cristian. I’ve also noticed another annoying flaw.

    Some time ago we ran a test post on one of our feeds, to see whether the feed works correctly in Bloglines. We deleted the post afterwards. But in the reader it still stands right now, after near a month.

    This is very annoying, as I don’t know whether to stay with the curent feed’s url or not. I don’t want people to subscribe to our feed and see testing posts.

    I have also noticed that if you change your past post’s urls, the old posts still remain in Bloglines reader.

    Do you know any method to force Bloglines to really update the feeds in its index?

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