Who the heck reads my blog ?

Who is reading my blogI’m just curious, does Matt or Rand have me in their RSS reader ? I know Bill has me.

I just want to know who reads my blog. If you read my blog, don’t evade this post. Comment and tell me who you are, why do you read my blog and what would you like to see more from me. What are your expectations ?

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55 thoughts on “Who the heck reads my blog ?”

  1. I read it :)

    But not in my feed reader. I come here occasionally and scan to see the posts I like. You know already who I am and I read your blog mostly because I know you from DP. I’d like to see more SEO related posts but keep on!

  2. I read it as well.
    Most of you don’t know me. I am new to blogging, own a B2B network and a couple of other sites. I read your blog mainly because your search engine optimization tips and industry news.

    And I live in the same country as you, although in the opposite corner… :)

  3. Me! Me! Me! Pick me!
    I’d like to see naked pics of course. :)
    Not with you.

    Now on a more serious note. Expectations? Just keep up the good work.

  4. I’m lurking around this blog also :)

    Partly because I enjoy what you write, partly because you’re the first romanian I saw on DP :P

    Expectations … more SEO stuff :)

  5. Janos, can’t do naked pics yet :-)

    then link to people who don’t mind putting them up :P

    more quality, less quantity, i guess. plus more from what you’ve learned from your experience, if that makes sense.

    oh, and i expect you to read my blog too – or at least give it a look :)

  6. I started reading this blog because I wanted to know more about internet marketers living in different countries.

    BTW, welcome you, János and Zoltan to the EU. ;-)

  7. I know there are a lot of people who read your blog, but as you know most of the internet users are just reading, and searching, and don’t get involved in conversations.

    Aaa …and to stay on topic.Yes .. I read you blog.

  8. I do Mezei too.
    Now I`m marked.

    Acum ceva in română: zoso nu e pe aici?
    Multi fani si buni.

    Back to english part: Guys nice gathering.
    All the best.

  9. I heard for some time about your blog, however, only with the recent update in Google Reader I’ve subscribed.

    Cheers and keep up the good work,
    A fellow Romanian :)

  10. Good on ya mate!

    I am a web site consultant based in Melbourne, Australia.

    I only recently discovered you, through the article “101 Web Marketing Ideas and Tips”.

    I now have you in my bloglines feed reader.

    See ya later, Richard!

  11. So…we all read Mezei.
    This must be the “Mezei`s list” of people who read him.
    We should all have our list, and ask people to reply.
    I`ll take a break.

    Damn you are good.

  12. I read your articles in the morning… just before I have my cofee. Just joking man… I read your articles when you send me the links ;)

    Nice articles, btw :)

  13. I do, can’t recall how i discovered it though. Anyways, You are in top 10 of my top blogs. keep up good work.

    just a side question, everytime I leave comment my spam protection numbers always sum up to 11. is it meant to be this way. or I am just lucky to get to catch this one out of 17 possible(given addition sum lies between 2 and 18)

  14. Nobody’s nobody. That’s why we all have own DNA structure and personality.

    I bet you can do 10 things that I (or others) have no ideea about ;)

    So keep up the good faith.

  15. Just found your site. I am interested in web and internet based relationship building, non-profit communications and marketing, and ephilanthropy. Reading and surfing a lot of stuff right now trying to monitor trends. Where’s it all going?

  16. Hi my name is Christian and I run a german seo weblog.
    I read your blog for a few weeks now because your firstname rocks ;-)

    Nah, you got my interest with some nice articles on user experience and eye tracking. The digg thing was nice either.

    Quite inspiring. Keep it up.

  17. Hi now i’m a reader of your blog. :)

    Like Christian Müller above (he gave me a hint) i also run a german seo blog.

    Your posts look nice, but i think it needs a few visits more to read them all. :)

    Keep on writing!

    Cheers Fabian

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