Unicredit bank, I love you, NOT

So I bought a new notebook for myself, and I’m trying to configure my Unicredit Internet banking account again (because there are some digital certificates involved).

1. I call at Unicredit Bank (Mihalache branch, which is the branch that emmited all my accounts and credit cards – 2). The guys there were like :

Uhmm .. I really don’t know about that stuff. Can you try calling at the numbers on your credit card ?

2. So OK. I call at the numbers on one of my credit cards (image intentionally blurred):

Unicredit credit card support numbers

Please note that that’s a “rented” calling center, not a Unicredit, inhouse help-center. A nice sexy lady (at least the voice was sexy) told me:

Uhmm… We don’t really do anything other than the administration of Credit cards. But what bank was that ?

3. I said OK .. I HAVE to visit Unicredit’s website. Maybe there actually is some info there (it’s a bank damn it), and I can configure the Internet banking account on my own (, … morrons):

www.unicredit.ro DOWN

I’m starting to feel frustrated too Razvan. And when I come to think about it, I actually spoke only good things about Unicredit.

I WANT MY umm.. INTERNET BANKING ACCOUNT. I want it umm.. NOW, please. Thank you.

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