The 10.000 spam comments mark

I just hit the 10.000 spam comments mark in an aprox. 6 months time span.. I don’t think if this is a good thing (because Akismet caught 99% of the 10.000 spam comments) or a bad thing (because only 5% of all the comments I received are from real humans).

10.000 Akismet spam comments mark

So we can see a trend in these numbers and figures .. Here is an official statement in Akismet’s website:

98,132,285 spams caught so far
644,796 so far today
93% of all comments are spam

I resent that .. A LOT .. I knew the blog spamming industry (the nofollow does no good, because the spammers don’t care about PR) was pretty grown and developed but 93% spam ? Sheesh’.

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7 thoughts on “The 10.000 spam comments mark”

  1. I used to have the same problem. I don’t have as much trafic as you do, So I only got about 1000 spam comments in about one year. So… 10K spam messages in about 6 months… looks nasty. I’ll try the Akismet filter… to see how it works.

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Man .. Let me tell you something .. Your and Ciprian’s (the guy above) comments are the only ones who ALWAYS enter the spam folder.. WTF ?

    That should tell me something, right ? :twisted:

  3. Yeah Cristian, I’m a well known spammer. What can I say… I’m famous. Now… seriouslly, do some tuning to your spam filter man. ;)

  4. yup, as Ciprian said we’re just two very famous spammers ;)

    10K spam comments is nothing, you know, I could send you 10 million trackbacks :D

    Seriosuly, I think askmet doesn’t like my blog :o

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