The power of web interaction and quality content

I just followed a link from a comment in Aaron’s blog, and ended up in Igor Mordkovich’s blog.

Igor blogs mostly about PPC, because that’s what his expertise is.

From the index, I was just a click away from 17 Most Common PPC Mistakes Web Marketers Make. I read the article top to bottom. It clearly shows that Igor paid a lot of attention when he wrote the article. Almost all the advices he written, are practical ones, although not all are for advanced PPC account managers.

Apart from the fact that if you do not involve yourself in the industry and start commenting on blogs, websites and communities that are related to your field, you won’t get much coverage for your content website (may it be a blog or a news website), from this single, quality, passionate and helpful article Ivan wrote and I read, I’m positive that Igor deserves a link from my blogroll. And I’ll be reading more in the future.

That’s how well written content brings you natural links from quality and related websites.

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6 thoughts on “The power of web interaction and quality content”

  1. This is very good and well written advice. There are just so many people moving into and onto the internet who continue to naively walk into trouble due to their lack of knowledge. The promise and lure of high exposure and enormous markets are exploited by many web savvy entrepreneurs both big (so called reputable) and small (so called not so reputable). PPC is one such major area where the uninformed and innocent would be advertiser are constantly under threat from the unscrupulous web thief. The more people like Igor Mordkovich who share their knowledge and expertise in such a no nonsense, easy to read and understand manner the better for all who use this great resource called the internet.

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