Ionut Chitu / Google Operating System: Most read Romanian

Google Operating SystemDid you know that Ionut Chitu’s Google Operating System blog is the most read Romanian website on the Internet ?

Ionut Chitu

He has even more readers then Darren Rowse:

Darren Rowse

Matt Cutts:

Matt Cutts

or Brian Clark:

Brian Clark

Congrats Ionut, once again. Seeing that you have been blogging out of passion (and not the desire to make money), and you’ve been doing that for a little over an year, you should receive the award of the year for the best “natural marketing”.

This post’s ideea started from Alex.

Update: I think Ionut is actually in the Top 10 bloggers worldwide, with close to 40K subscribers. I’m not talking about news websites like TechCrunch or GigaOM, but individual blogs, written by only one author.

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