Bloglines rocks

I’ve been using Bloglines for some time now.

It’s the most useful and inovative online feed reader that I could find. When I did my test, the only real contestants were Google Reader, Rojo, Newsgator and Feedlounge (paid, but with a 24 hour trial). They were not even close to Bloglines in my opinion.

I would recommend it to everyone. Before I used Bloglines, I monitored about 10-15 websites/news sources, which I had in my Firefox quick bookmarks location.

Now I monitor about 100 websites, in half the time I did before. They also offer the option to show your reading content as public or private as well as offering you the option to insert your reading sources right into your website/blog (more commonly called a blogroll; you can see it implemented in the index page of this blog, at the I read section) using a javascript or PHP code.

You can import feeds, as well as export them, in OPML format.

If someone wants my reading sources (91 at the moment, but you can see them updated in real time, at Bloglines), here they are, as an archived OPML feed (just import them after you create your account at Bloglines).

And btw, if you didn’t knew, Bloglines is an service. I love those guys. Way friendlier than the neighbours.

Interesting lecture:

The State of Online Feed Readers at TechCrunch.
Choosing an RSS Reader at Search Engine Watch.

Good luck.

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8 thoughts on “Bloglines rocks”

  1. I’m a big bloglines fan these days, too.

    I think it would be difficult to read 1/10th the blogs I do now without it.

  2. Hey Ryan .. I’m glad you showed up actually. I have a question to which I haven’t found and answer yet:

    Can the exported blogroll at Bloglines (the one I use in my blog actually) , be attached a “limit to X links” option ?

    I mean I love that option, because sometimes you just can’t show all 200+ links from your reader right ?


  3. I prefer a Windows software for this. Works much smoother than keeping a browser window opened for this all the time, stays there in the system tray and lights up when something new appears. I love Feed Reader from . Really easy to use and very light on resources use.

  4. Just remember. Hdd’s are not indestructable. Windows is not data-loss-free. And on top of those, A desktop application doesn’t give you mobility wherever you may be, whatever computing platform you may be using (Mac, PC, Notebook, PDA etc).

  5. Good point about mobility, I guess I don’t need that at this time as I’m working on a single PC. If you need to be mobible though, an online service is better I guess.

    Data loss is not a problem though, I usually export the feeds every month or so to an OPML file and keep it safe on backup DVDs, along with other backups. As you need to backup data anyway, an extra file is not a problem.

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