Hot Google chick (uhm … girl)

Google hot chickI just found it, and discussed it.

This is the next year’s Google mascote man. If not, we should do a public strike or something.

Anyway, i would’ve taken her on, but it so makes me a desperate man. I would ratter let her take me on. Er… Can i feel lucky ? :D

As for more Google chicks, just go to Valleywag Google Gals, as there’s always a Google girl contest there :D

Other chicks from the same source:

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Ps: Colleen still is the coolest and hottest out there (just putin this damn line here, cuz’ she’ll jump all over then : “Whaaaa’ ? I’m not sexy ?”) :D

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  1. Colleen I guess you’re damn Chicks…one of the sexiest one i’ve seen! Guess how you would look like at 80years old??…!!

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