A new blog on the superhighway

Ramona BerceaMy future wife, Ramona, just launched her new blog.

She absolutely insisted (and now I will get a spanking because she’s asleep and she doesn’t know), for me not to post what I posted now, because she wants to be read only if the readers want to read her. Well what did you thought girl ? That they will read you because of me ? Well who the heck am I to influence people ? Matt Cutts ? :)

You’re already a star Ramona, in Valcea and not only, so you don’t need me or anyone else :)

Getting back to the point, she will blog mostly about TV, public relations, trips she or we both made, or will make, as well as personal stuff.

PS: She will only write in Romanian, and has already written a few words about her blog and herself.

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5 thoughts on “A new blog on the superhighway”

  1. http://www.ramonabercea.ro/ is her blog adress , so her first name is Ramona :) . Go figure … :P

    On the other side, congratulations to the both of you. I`m sure that your marriage would last at least until mine will start :)

    Hope to see you soon ( maybe Friday ? )

    Congratulations once again and good luck to Ramona into her new blog career.

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