Why thieves steal!

Yesterday I confronted myself with a very weird situation. Dudes broke my car’s windows.

I had a lot of cars and I’ve been driving for a long time, but is the first time I’ve had this happen to me. I live in a select neighborhood and stuff, in downtown Bucharest.

The funny thing out of all this is that this thief must have been one of those dental freaks. He must care a lot about his teeth and didn’t had any money to buy some gums because all he stole were my Orbit chewing gums.

That’s right. He broke my windows, scratched my upholstery, damaged the car, and stole only my Orbits. He could’ve taken at least my GPS window holder. How funny is that ?

Moreover, the police came, told me to go with them at the station to take fingerprints. What’s weird about this is that at the station, the investigators (two 20 years old chicks), took fingerprints without any protection gloves on. That’s right, bear handed.

I’m a fan of CSI. Even I know that you can not contaminate a scene that way. After they took fingerprints (they did NOT took my fingerprints, so they could exclude them), they told me that all taken fingerprints were partial.

Now, there were about 10 different surfaces down there, including high gloss papers (you could not want a better surface for fingerprinting), so how the heck couldn’t they extract at least a full thumb fingerprint from over 15 objects which were tempered with in the car. This was not a professional job anyway, so I doubt that the guy had gloves.

After this happened (I saw it at 9 AM), I spent the whole day looking for replacement windows and other parts, because Toyota told me that the minimum time required to bring the parts was 2 weeks. I fixed my car until the evening. Screw insurance, screw the thief, life goes on.

PS: My first personal post on my blog, ever, because I’m pretty pissed.

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  1. Ouch, that sucks. Happened to me in Bucharest, right in front of the gov building about 6 years ago. They broke into my trunk and thats how they got in the car.
    A even funnier story – about 2 years ago, I woke up to go to school. Car was parked on my driveway, in a nice quiet residential area somewhere in Canada.Got in my car, started driving…about halfway there I realized someone stole my sideview mirrors…both of them :)

  2. Alex, that sucks each and every time.

    To my it’s even more psychological since it happened to me the first time. I’m not saying that it’s easier the second or third time either.

  3. As in “saw too many movies”, you mean you want to say that it would be standard procedure to take fingerprints without gloves ?

    It’s a no-brainer. It’s purely crap. :(

  4. We live in Romania, that’s all we can say. But i must admit, this is the first time i hear about someone broking a car just for a jar of bubble gum. You mush be a hell of a lucky man :P

  5. Why thiefs steal!
    Thats like asking why is the sky blue :P

    You can say you were lucky… a broken window and a jar of bubble gum is not that much when you think that it could be worst if the thief could grab your laptop or anything else more valuable.

    Thats it, life goes on.

    Good luck and hope that this will never happen to me and neither to you again in the future.

  6. Hey, sorry to hear about your incident.

    Not trying to be a smart ass but since you decided to write in English it may be a good idea to use a spell checker. The word “thiefs” does not exist.


  7. Unfortunately, this is something usual in Romania. Two days ago i’ve found a square on the window, done with a key probably.

    I can’t imagine what was in his mind when doing this.

  8. Si daca e sa o iei si mai corect titlul ar trebui sa sune: “why DO thieves steal?” … dar cred ca e common in Romania asa ceva nu ?

  9. You know, this sucks. It was probably some kid or someone who didn’t know what they were doing. Not a pro’s work, and maybe the sucker’s first attempt – I wouldn’t hold my breath the police turn up anything. Like you said, screw them, life goes on.

  10. Hey its a shame to here that dude.

    It must really suck when things happen like this.

    Hope you get repairs done soon.

    Good blog by the way. Willl be back soon.

  11. Sorry to hear about your break in. We suffered a break in with our van last summer. They busted a window and took all my son’s baseball equipment, worth over 500 dollars. To make matters worse it was the night before a big tournament so we had to buy new equipment right away. And they used his bat to break in a neighbor’s car.

  12. Sorry to hear this happened to you.
    It happens everyday here though, and I would consider myself “lucky indeed if all they took was some gum.
    I left my car parked on the street in Pasadena, California and lost my guitar , my amp and two boxes of tools. Dave

  13. When my neighbours car was broken into recently he was sure that the thieves took the time to have a cigarette in the car. They don’t smoke but the car smelled like cigs after the break in.

  14. Geez is that how things are done in Bucharest? I hope that overall the crime is not too bad there. But I mean hey if someone is willing to destroy for a pack of gum then they are willing to do more.

  15. I live in France and had a similar thing, cut the roof of my rag-top to take out a walkman – the radio kind, not even CD player. Called insurance and told the story and was told that if nothing was stolen the insurance would pay 100% of my cost, but since something was stolen I had a 75 euro part that I had to pay. then the lady said “Can I have your account number please?”
    I hung up and called back the next day to report the roof cut and nothing stolen.

  16. Richard, since the Orbit event above, my car had a side mirror stolen, has been scratched with a car key on all the left side (read panel, two doors and back panel) and I had a front light broken.

    Cool isn’t it ? And the worst part is that I paid all of these (close to 1000 euro) out of my own pocket because the insurance company would’ve left me months and months before I could repair any damage to it.

    I think insurance is useless unless you have half your car damaged.

  17. For next year find a good car service first then ask them about the insurance company they work best with.
    Asirom worked good for me, I had scratches all over the car (some where 2 years old), I took the car in 3 days from the service.

  18. I feel for you!

    You got off easy, though. I had my car window smashed in and over a $1,000 of stereo equipment stolen! That hurt. And no, the insurance did not cover it.

    Good thing now I don’t care that much about the sound in my car ;)

    People will take most anything these days….


  19. BTW drive with a poisoned chewing gum next time and you’ll have a laugh if they steal it!

    Why do you want to live in a shitty country live that anyway? The EU is open so just move and leave them to take the fingerprints on someone else’s car.

  20. Marcin, relocating is not so easy. Neither financially, emotionally or physically. It’s not about the money, because I can build up a small agency anywhere basically. It’s not about emotions because you suck up and they all go after a while. it’s not about the relocation itself because you get used pretty quickly with the language and the location.

    I think it’s all about your language, and friends and family, and business left behind, and a brand where everyone in the industry knows you.

    I have thought multiple times about moving to UK or US with my family, but never actually came to do it.

  21. SO MY PASSANGER-side mirror GOT STOLEN ON A LIDL(shop) PARKING!!! The thing is i saw some romanian gypsies with a bus next to my car. When i came back the mirror was gone. mamaligari.

    from UK

  22. lol, he was a gum thief actually. Last month I also had a broken window, why ? A black man bursted the window and asked for money. I handed him the wallet, mobile, and he flew away. Damn, I was not pissed, but I was scared to death.

  23. This happened to me today. I was in 24fitness for about 2 hours. When I came out went straight to the passenger side to put my bag in first. Then I noticed it. Some moron, trashy looser broke driver side window, stole my ipod and gps. I couldn’t be more pissed as I am right now. Just got to spill it out. Sorry guys. Thats was my first time ever. And I hope last too.

  24. One day i found my car without a mirror, i cursed the fucking thief, as you say life goes on… with thiefs around, i don’t want to blame nobody, but sometime i think not everybody is so lucky like i am or you are, maybe are poor people with no education, with no future what so ever…i’m in italy so does’nt mean Bucarest is bad or romanians :) thiefs are here too

  25. Did you ever find out who broke into your car? I am really surprise that the person broke the car window to just steal some Orbit gum! I can tell that you know a little about how to pick up fingerprints because you are really technical about those fingerprints. I am sorry that you had to spend more money on buying windows for your car.

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