What other big businesses hire SEM/SEO companies ?

The Bank of America surely does. They employed search engine marketing company iCrossing to take care of their website’s SEO:

The below image shows an excerpt of Webxperience!’s pending list of websites:

Bank Of America listing in Webxperience!

The Bank Of America listing was paid in full, and is now present in the Business and Economy > Finance and Investment > Banking category in Webxperience!.

What does that tell you ? Big companies should NOT ignore SEO and Internet marketing, and what this service can do for them. Think Future™.

Probably they saw the traffic going down and they came in force to get it back. Have a look at 2006’s traffic:

Bank Of America 2006 Traffic

The number of search engine users is already on an astronomical increase rate, and will keep on increasing in the future years. Don’t you want a cut of those users for your own services/products ?

Pew Internet Project data from June 2004 show that use of search engines on a typical day has risen from 30% to 41% of the internet-using population, which itself has grown in the past year. This means that the number of those using search engines on an average day jumped from roughly 38 million in June 2004 to about 59 million in September 2005 – an increase of about 55%. comScore data, which are derived from a different methodology, show that from September 2004 to September 2005 the average daily use of search engines jumped from 49.3 million users to 60.7 million users – an increase of 23%.

I wonder, what’s the budget for their web marketing campaign ? ;)

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