We have a new screwed-up PR update

It’s just like the 04/04 update so it seems…

A lot of DP users talk about it, beeing an update just for websites or pages that didn’t had PR before.

Some (altough a very small number) report that old websites changed their PR too…

Some of my websites
that didn’t had PR, now have, and all the other who had PR, now it’s the same (altough some HAD to increase).

Personally, I think this update is meant to fix the PR assigned in the last 04/04 update and that’s why so many webmasters report their PR decreasing.

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6 thoughts on “We have a new screwed-up PR update”

  1. Yup, weird updated..
    Now all pr is back to normal, including new and old sites – strange fluctuations..

    Hey I linked to your post ;)
    Adding you to my blogroll now :)

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