Smashing Magazine: Golden Rules of Linkbaiting

Smashing MagazineSmashing Magazine just published the Golden Rules of Linkbaiting.

As the first comment shows, I just don’t know if a week’s reading time can cover all that content.

From the article:

  • What is Linkbaiting?
  • Profound Rules of Linkbaiting
  • Writing-related Principles of Successful Linkbaiting
  • Tactics and Strategies of Linkbaiting
  • Linkbaiting Hooks
  • Copywriting: Improve Your Writing Skills
  • Copywriting Books
  • Sources, Resources

PS: My blog is mentioned :)

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5 thoughts on “Smashing Magazine: Golden Rules of Linkbaiting”

  1. Where is your blog mentioned? Haven’t seen it…. :)

    Btw…. they have some repeating sections… like Create remarkable content and others. :) Did they forgot about that or they just wanted the article to look big? :)

  2. Good and…large article indeed. This is also one of the most difficult process when having a site. Anyway, good resource.

  3. Great article! I have a couple of questions though: a) does Google have existing penalties for the term ‘linkbaiting’ and b) what do you think of the term ‘linkbaiting’?

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