Short mention about my blog beeing spammed

I am beeing overrun with tens of comments from this very sick guy (real human, not robot), so I was forced to put all the comments to moderate status, as well as banning the entire hostname. Banning individual IP’s didn’t worked. The guy kept coming back.

Any ideas for my problem guys ?

Update: The guy keep on doing it (now using Romanian IPs, USA IPs etc):


I guess it’s the price to pay when you have “admirers”.

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35 thoughts on “Short mention about my blog beeing spammed”

  1. Just add to blacklist some of the words he’s using

    He will just use other words.

    I can’t block simple words like “lie” or “you”. Anyway, this scenario, no matter how you look at it, is unpractical.

    Is he promoting any website?

    He did comment (actually spammed) about a month ago, with a real estate forum. But now, no URL. Just the name (Mihai).

  2. The solution it’s called SpamKarma. Trust me .. it works. I’ve been using it on about 20 blogs. No spam passes through.

    You can set Domain Blacklist and also IP Blacklist using it ;)

    In preferences set it like this:

    – Severity: Kinda mean
    – User Level – Strength: Strong
    – Blacklist – Strength: Supastrong
    – Captcha Check – Strength: Enabled
    – Akismet Check – Strength: Strong (also set your API Key)
    – Stopwatch – Strength: Strong (makes sure commenter has been on page for a certain number of seconds before commenting)
    – Link Counter – Strength: Strong (Penalize if there are more than X links in the comment content – ideally set this to 1)


  3. Alex, this is not your ordinary spam. It’s a user that uses different IP’s, different data, human text, passes all captcha and math verfications. Passes akismet aswell, although I marked the comments as spam each and every time.

    It stopped for the moment, simply because I entered all the comments into moderation mode, before they appear on the blog.

    He did try to see if he can still comment though, with a few “test” comments.

  4. hah, I got a few e-mails with that guy on the posts that I was subscribed to comments. Moderating the comments is the only way unfortunately. Don’t worry, he’ll get bored soon though. Some people have no life I guess.

  5. I can feel your pain and it’s a pity. Such people make the entire internet experience bad. I also use comment moderation from the first moment. It’s a tad more complex than allowing comments from the moment they’re posted, but I can have more control over the entire thing. Akismet is awesome ideed, but some comments do pass this “shield”.

    I have also noticed the “spam” commments that are not to promote an illegal site or content, but means for the blog owner to promote .. some don’t take the time to write something really meaningful, so in my opinion such comments are not OK either. I like to comment on other blogs, but it’s also important to share something interesting or at least put some thought on that comment.

    I would recommend keeping comments under moderation. We are visiting our blogs at least daily (when we write new content) so it’s not such a big deal to also read the comments and decide what to do with them.

    I hope the guy will slow down and leave you alone. The blog here has a really good content and it would be a pity for all the hard work you put into this.

  6. I feel sorry for your situation. its easy to detect and ban bots using some simple plugins like akimist, or captcha. But human spam is very difficult to detect.
    If you visit your blog daily, then its better to keep them in moderation.

  7. This guy is a sick individual and I hate him and his kind. I hope he’s reading this – if you are the spammer then you’re the lowliest life form and you are being despised.

  8. My goddness. Normally I don’t comment on issues like this, but I can clearly see you are dealing with a stocker here.

    I think this kind of behavior qualifies for a Police-investigation. I would have been nervous if this happened to me. You never know what wirdoes like this guy could decide that you “deserve”.

    Ask someone in the Police-force about it., Preferably someone with experience in investigating Internet related criminal activities.

    Probably they will just sigh and have no suggestions, but as long as you file a formal complaint regarding it, you at least have a possible court case to feed your lawyer with. If your lawyer is any good, he will love to “nail” the guy.

    Good luck with it anyways Cristian.

  9. What I found to be a viable solution is to do the option that lets users freely comment if they have a previously approved comment. Then that way, the rest is taken care of by BB+Akismet.

  10. It’s a shame to see bloggers having to moderate or close comments because of stupid spammers. I see the number of people using nofollow rising, but it doesn’t stop the spammers – they don’t check first, they just spam more to make up for the nofollowers :(

  11. This is ridiculous buddy. How many spams you’re getting a day? If no-follow is used and he has nothing to promote, why he is spamming?

  12. This guy should lose his internet license. Good luck, and hope you don’t ever have to deal with this kind of idiot again. I do everyday, but they pay me for it. I work in Corrections.

  13. So sorry to hear about your spam. I have experienced the same problem with one particular person so I am now moderating all of my comments too. It’s a shame, but it works. The person I had would leave me 20 – 30 irrevelant comments a day bashing all of my work and harrassing me, just like your person. I debated reporting it to the police, but I hate to say it – Detroit police do not seem to take cyber issues very seriously.

    Please update us with what you have decided to do and if you have experienced and success. I am sure there are tons of great bloggers in our position!


  14. Sorry. I hadn’t read all the comments before posting my previous comment. Use a firewall on the server and block the offending guy’s net mask. You may end up blocking few proxies as well.

  15. Yes Askimet is realy good. Better take something like this than using “no follow” – what google wants us too…

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