Search, intellectual property, advertising and search quality videos

Although these University of California, BerkeleyEducational Technology Services search & search technology videos last for more than 281 minutes, I would recommend them to any search professionals, from beggining to the end.

I watched them all. And I don’t want to break them down for you. I’ll let you capture the inner knowledge and fun, yourself:

Sep 19, 2005Yahoo! Search: Dr. Jan Pederson & Dr. Daniel E. Rose (46 min)

Oct 10, 2005Intellectual Property & Search: Jason Schultz, J.D. – IP Attorney, EF (49 min)

Oct 10, 2005Search Advertising: Dr. Hal Varian (49 min)

Oct 17, 2005Desktop Search: Dr. Sue Dumais – Microsoft Research (45 min)

Nov 20, 2005Quality & Search: Dr. Geoffrey Nunberg (52 min)

Sep 25, 2006Search, Google, and Life: Sergey Brin – Google (40 min)

Have fun listening to Sergey. He’s still in his old T-shirt ;)

Via Seopedia forum.

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