Pagerank prediction tool test, Part 2

I previously wrote part one of a pagerank prediction tool test. Well now it’s the time to see the results of all those pagerank prediction tools out there :

Google Toolbar Pagerank for the test websites, BEFORE the 18.02.2006 Pagerank export: – PR 5/10 – PR 5/10 – PR 5/10 – PR 4/10 – PR 0/10 – PR 0/10 – PR 7/10 – PR 0/10 – PR 4/10 – PR 4/10

Real, current Google Toolbar Pagerank for the test websites, AFTER the 18.02.2006 pagerank export: – PR 6/10 – PR 5/10 – PR 5/10 – PR 4/10 – PR 4/10 – PR 0/10 – PR 7/10 – PR 2/10 – PR 4/10 – PR 4/10

So as i said before, all those god damn tools, are just plain unreliable. I think the IT Xperts‘s PR6 prediction by iWebTool (which was the closest guesser, of them all) was just a simple coincidence, and not a simple drop of tehnique.

The XML pagerank output method with which these tools thought to discover the yet unreleased PR, seems to be a new startingpoint for them. But they haven’t yet discovered how exactly this works, and how to extract the pagerank out of all the other variables there.
Owners of the these tools, like iWebTool, RustyBrick, Raketforskning, Futurerank and Seotime should really work to find a better way of cracking the pagerank prediction mistery, which has eluded us all. YET.

Only Google knows your PR guys.

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