New SEO & webmaster tools by IT Exchange

IT ExchangeCiprian has just uploaded all the recent tools he and his team have developed, and has bundled them all in one single SEO & webmaster tools package.

I have been using the previous home for some of these tools for some time now, mainly because almost all the tools had tens of datacenters on which you could’ve searched for information, including indexed pages, backlinks and cache times.

Since most of the multiple datacenters tools are restricted to Pagerank and (very few) to indexed pages, Ciprian’s tools were a Godsend.

There a lot of basic tools in the collection. Nevertheless the ones that really help me are the SEO strength (a complete package of the basic stats like backlinks, indexed pages and PR), indexed pages, inbound links, Google keyword ranking and the Google cache.

I think Ciprian should work on the keyword research tool a little bit more. It gives me some wierd results.

Leaving that aside, Ciprian, I think you should also put a link to the Google SERPs, on all the datacenters in the results pages of the SEO tools, so that users can check that result in real time too.

Like most other similar services on the web, Ciprian’s tools have their share of downtime, slow response times and timeouts, but the team is working hard to improve these problems every day.

None of the tools require any user account and they are all free for unlimited use. Have fun.

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10 thoughts on “New SEO & webmaster tools by IT Exchange”

  1. Hi,

    I just tried some of those SEO tools and they are pretty cool. I think I will end up using them a lot. I loved the tool that shows how your site ranks in the search engines for various terms.

    I was wondering if you have ever used or reviewed software called RaSof. It was written and is sold by James Brausch. It’s supposed to be a database of Search Engine rankings of 100,000 sites and the software compares your site to the database to see how you would rank.

    I was just curious to know if anyone has actually been able to determine if it works.

    First time at your blog, It’s really got some great content. I’ll have to stop back often.


  2. I thik tht the toold looks like it could be extremely useful. I have been trying to get every advantage I can when it comes to seo. I have used nemeas to help me select a domain name in order to increase page rank by 15%. I will certainly be usig some of the tools you mention to help me on my way. Thanks

  3. Hi Cristian,
    Thank you for sharing those tools and outlining the ones you have found most helpful. I have started checking them out. With the ever increasing demand to rank well in the search engines, people are continually on the lookout for effect tools to assist in the process. James Brausch’s RaSof (check it out at is indeed one such tool. It allows you to score your own web page against a built in database for higher ranking on your chosen seach engine and is simple to use. Nemeas (check it out at, the tool that Sarah mentions, is another of James’s products. It is extremely easy to use and offers statistical analysis for superior domain names. It is always worth exploring the tools that are available to gain every edge possible in scoring high in the search engines. Thank you Cristian for your insightful post.

  4. Guys, thanks for the mentions I’m glad these tools helped some of you. I use them and I’m pretty happy, more or less because I can’t find any other tools that check all kinds of info on multiple DCs.

  5. Christian,

    I will definitely have to check out the tools that you have mentioned. I’m glad you provided those resources. At this time I’m on a very restricted budget.


    I noticed that you mentioned that you have used nemeas. What did you think of it? I understand that it is easy to use?

  6. I actually just had a go at this tool and found the Google cache date one a bit wonky. It has the BBC news site as last cached 5 days ago and the Yahoo news site cached 3 days ago. Surely that can’t be right or am I missing something?

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