Lists of Top Web Directories

Because i just use them for my SEO practice, i think they might do good to everyone.

Now you’ll find thousands of directories, in these web directory lists, from niche to general to crazy directories. Please browse trough them carefully, and take your pics, because there are really some NICE websites amongst them.

  1. 123promotion Directory Submission Manager.
  2. 5thage 5th Age Designs Long list.
  3. 707directory Over 150 General Directories.
  4. absolutewebaholic US Directorys A – Z.
  5. addurl List of over 300 SEO friendly free directories.
  6. allwebdirectory AllWebDirectory’s Directories Category.
  7. Andlinks 900+ web directory list.
  8. Abilogic’s Directories Category.
  9. best-web-directories’s 500 Directories.
  10. best-web-directories’s Free Directories.
  11. best-web-directories’s Paid Directories.
  12. best-web-directories Best-Web-Directories’s Webmaster Directories.
  13. bloglines Comprehensive list of directories.
  14. busybits Free WEb Directories List.
  15. buydominica Buydominica’s Directories and Free links.
  16. capehostpro General Web Directories.
  17. definiteweb Complete List of Directories.
  18. dir-search Directory Search.
  19. directory-pages Directory Pages.
  20. directory-submission Directory Submission List.
  21. directory-z Directory-Z Directories Categories.
  22. directoryarchives is Aaron Wall’s directory of directories.
  23. directorygold DirectoryGold’s Web Directory List.
  24. directorylist Anthony Pazrsons directory list.
  25. directorysource List of mostly for pay directories.
  26. directoriezsubmission List of Free Web Directories.
  27. dmole internet directory list.
  28. dmoz DMOZ Directories.
  29. energyray Energyray Directories.
  30. freewebsubmission 50 Directories listed by Alexa Rank.
  31. helpwebmaster Directory & Search Engines List.
  32. site_vortex Directories – Indexes – Portals
  33. gnecomputing Looks like the longest list I have seen yet.
  34. grackelfish is a directory of topical and general directories.
  35. Google Directories.
  36. hedir Directory list from HEDIR’s forum.
  37. helpwebmaster Help Webmaster Directory & Search Engines List.
  38. incominglinks list of over 600 Niche directories.
  39. indn Network of Independent Niche Directories.
  40. info-sales Paid Directory List.
  41. info-sales 200 + Free Non-Reciprocal Directory List.
  42. internetsubmissions internet directory list.
  43. internet-search-engines-faq is a very very long URL, er list.
  44. is a good list of over 1000 web directories.
  45. katakombe links to free/fee web directories on the Internet.
  46. lifeofawebsite Lifeofawebsite Directories.
  47. massivelinks massive links Business Directories category.
  48. massivelinks massive links Directories category.
  49. masternewmedia 139 Blog Directory/RSS Submission Sites.
  50. overthemark Tayan’s bloged free web directories.
  51. pheedster PHEEDSTER’s Long Directory List
  52. pinoysites Directories and Search Engines.
  53. platinax Brain Turner’s Best Directories.
  54. quantawebdesign Quanta Webdesign Search Engines & Directories.
  55. rankingdirectories directory of directories.
  56. referencement2004 Annuaires et moteurs Anglophones.
  57. search-engines-2 search engines & directories.
  58. searchenginedev Directory for developers.
  59. sirlook Free to Submit Directores.
  60. skaffe Skaffe’s Web Directory Category.
  61. socengine SOCEngines Directories category.
  62. socengine SOCEngines List of Directoreis for SEO’s.
  63. seo-help Over 200 SEO Friendly Directories.
  64. seo-kit Powerful Web Directories (now sortable).
  65. seopros Directory of Directories.
  66. sevenseek Sevenseek’s Web Directories Category.
  67. seroundtable SE Roundtable’s List of Free Directories.
  68. Directories.
  69. strongestlinks list of directories with PR, Alexa ranking & info.
  70. strongestlinks Regional or Subject Specific Directories
  71. tipsntutorials Tips N TuTorials Top direcTories.
  72. turnkeywebpros FREE DIRECTORY LIST.
  73. uncoverthenet Uncover the Net’s Web Directoies Categories.
  74. uulist UU List’s friendly directory list.
  75. info.vilesilencer Our recommendation. A SEO friendly list of over 165 free web directories.
  76. virtualwebdata download free list of 1409!.
  77. webworldindex Search Engines and web directories.
  78. wowdirectory Wow Directories Directories Category.
  79. wowdirectory List of Directories.
  80. websquash Manual Search Engine Submission (lots of directories).
  81. Yahoo Directory India.
  82. yeandi Directory List at WoW Directory.

This top web directory list was kindly offered by Bob, at Seocompany.

If you have other suggestions, please be kind enough to mail them to us at info[at] .

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  1. Hi brilliant list of directories but is it possible to add to your listing?
    I am just crawling your website/blog with our webspider and thought it would be good to collect the details.
    Seems I learn more each day by rooting around hosts everywhere.
    I am still trying to make sense of spammers to forums, being as the links for the sites are no longer being used, I just wonder why they carry on doing it.

  2. Guys theres a new web directory launched for B2B business ZEE YELLOW PAGES . Have a look friends. I find it interesting

  3. Hello Cristian,

    Thank you for you article. Admittedly, I am reading this over a year after publication. The “fly-by-night” operators, who offer to drive traffic to your site by registering it with 5 gazillion search engines, thus allegedly guaranteeing you a top 3 position within days should be given a wide berth! I would avoid them like the plague. Your post more or less concurs with my own opinion and with what I have read about on other sites. It is quite simply this: gaining links incrementally – by yourself – is the best way to optimise your site.

    It is so tempting by beginners to succumb to temptation, spend 20 bucks for a hundred links and expect a miracle….

    Google isn’t a multi-billion dollar corporation and at the top of their game for nothing. They can see this kind “instant-linking” a mile off..and punish offenders harsly, thus pushing them back to square 1…and not up to no. 1….”Ouch!”… Be warned!

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  5. Fantastic ! Cristian Mezei
    All are fine and working properly. Thanks for sharing this with us. Please always provide such type of links and useful resource so that we can visit regulary and bookmark such pages.

  6. A very nice list, we can clearly distinguish most of the leading directories we all have already submitted sites to. Thanks for sharing. It’s clear that we must submit our site to directories in order to advertise, but I think we don’t need to submit to all of them (millions maybe), just follow a good list of the best ones.

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