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Adison UniversityStep right up … Get your WordPress MU powered .EDU blog from Adison University.

With just a $25 monthly “donation” you will get your own .EDU blog as long as you respect the blog rules.

The webmaster of Adison University is Preston White. He manages the Blog network and the whole Adison website.

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53 thoughts on “Get your .EDU blog and .EDU text links”

  1. What is it goping to take to get people to understand that there is no special value to a link from an EDU or GOV site?

    It’s just another link. Evaluate it based on PageRank and relevance, not on the domain extension.

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    Matt Said,
    December 12, 2005 @ 9:48 am

    Yahoo links are helpful because they’re high PageRank, but that’s the only reason; there’s no special “Yahoo boost” or edu-boost or gov-boost. Those links just tend to be higher quality.

    And Thomas writes in and says does Google index or rank blog sites differently than regular web sites. That’s a good question, not really. Some one else asked about links from gov’s and edu’s and whether links from two levels deep gov’s and edu’s, like are worth the same as .gov, and the fact is that we don’t really have much in the way of saying oh this is a link from the ODP or from .gov or .edu so give that some sort of special boost. It’s just those sites tend to have higher Pagerank because more people link to them and reputable people link to them.

    [url=]I’m on debunking duty[/url]

    In comments:

    December 8, 2006 @ 7:51 pm

    There is no special “ODP boost.” The PageRank value of a link from an ODP page is solely because that ODP page has high PageRank.

  2. I agree, Cristian. There is also a whole industry emerging to take money from the naive and ill-informed desperate for a “quick boost” to their Google rankings.

    Buying these links is not going to help them.

  3. Man, this is amazing…the dumb just gets dumber.
    Althought i already got a free post from one of the webbies at DP..hehehe, the problem is that the PS still rocks while doing the link sale business.

  4. You’re right, it’s definitely happening right out there before Google’s eyes–but sometimes we fail to see that it’s happening. One of these days Google will step up to the plate and see how many university sites are hosting this junque.

    I still think that there’s a link from an EDU site and “a link from an EDU site”. Google has to be seeing certain links differently, and I suspect that if it’s a good link in an area that has a lot of links and is generally good content then it might count. But there are times that EDU links are discounted.

  5. More and more, when I search for those terms that are frequently dominated by .edu extensions, like Buy Viagra, I find that someone has removed the page that appeared in the search results.

    In a recent Viagra search, I found five dead links before I got to in 6th position. Someone somewhere is keeping a better eye on this problem.

  6. whats the point of getting a blog in .edu domain when SE is not giving any special weightage to .edu or .gov domains ?

    only phishers hunt for .edu domains ….

  7. I didn’t do it but someone that I can trust did a background check for adison university and that educational institution doesn’t exist, this a website of a “fake” university, I don’t know if this matter or doesn’t matter but people should know that.

  8. I never paid for a link and I didn’t said that links have no value or something like that :)

    I was just trying to say that is just a simple domain without a real university behind.

  9. Next, we will receive Viagra ads from Adison alumni as they pitch for donations. I guess this is one more way for people to game the system.

  10. Hi Christian here I come again :D I agree with Minstrel that there is no special benefit with these .edu/,gov domains.( I said that on another of your post).

    Mate –you have great ,edu links for two of your directories ( I am sorry if I am wrong) –and both have a homepage PR7 link. But because your links are on Footer -you lost PR. I firmly believe that ( I hope ministrel agrees with me) footer links are not counted with the seemingly new Google algo as there has been a storm regarding them on Matt’s blog.
    You SEO guys must make people aware that these links are of no special use.
    Being a link-vendor myself, I can’t do that :D
    Hopefully with Rand Fishkin turning greedy by charging for the PS tool and the coders becoming serious of making a truly workable tool to judge the quality of a site –the PS tool will soon go out of the way.

  11. If I have some edu links, they are not for Page Strength, or any other “rank tool”.

    They are just because, they are trustworthy links. And that’s it.

  12. I definitely understand that. Besides there is no strength anymore as the PS tool has been behaving crazy over the last few weeks.

    To talk about trustworthy links -well I am not sure if they are trusted when on footer.
    Being an SEO, you must have been visiting Matt’s Blog —
    On 12th May update, he gave one good example on them– Linux -PR9, one of the most trusted site selling links to gambling and :D :D –hey hey -those sites.

    So -for a constructive argument’s sake, are not those sites getting links from a trustworthy sites? Yes – thats what Matt pointed out about Paid Links. What I understood was – it is just not enough to have links from trustworthy sites to get the all important vote. There are many other factors ……
    Thanks – though for your reply –I am liking your BLOG –its quite lively.

  13. There is no special weight on .edu domains, but people tend to link/trust .edu,.gov domains because they are normally a trusted source, therefore these domains get many more backlinks which increases its link value. But, this only holds true for an established .edu, .gov web page, the same way it holds true for a established/authority .com domain.

  14. If you check few top rated porn/viagra sites you will find they are too getting easily link form .edu sites, google may consider still them trusted sites but how we can?

  15. Cristian – Do you know anything about Preston White? I’ve been sending cease & desist emails to every address I can find for Adison University with no response.

    One of their darling bloggers is hotlinking an image from my website on their blog.

    I’ve tried the contact form on the Adison site, the admin contact for the domain name, and a form where you can reportedly report blog abuse.

    Oddly enough, there is no contact info on the website, just contact forms. :-)

    I’ll try Preston White tomorrow. Just wondered if you think he’s a real person! And, a person who will care anything about the fact that Adison University steals copyrighted material and bandwidth.

  16. Adison was grandfathered in via a ruling that took place in 2001. Now the Commerce Dept does checks on anyone applying for a .edu site.

  17. Well, I did contact Mr. White, who had received all my messages and said he’d turned them over to the person who is responsible for the blog using my content.

    Several days later, I got an email from the blog manager. First, he calculated the dollar amount his using my bandwidth cost me, and offered to send me a check for the $.44.

    Then, he explained that “he is an SEO” and in that capacity, since “EDUs have a higher “trust” factor than other TLDs because they have the most strict registration guidelines, and
    cannot be transferred”, he thought any webmaster would be pleased to have an image from their site hotlinked on an EDU site.

    So, evidently, he is very full of himself, and seems to think that an image hotlinked on a site is giving a link to the donor site.


  18. And, I can’t help myself. I forgot the first part of his email which I received on the 26th:

    “The graphic looked very generic to me, and I thought it was clip art. I didn’t pay attention to the URL I was getting it from, as I used Google image search to find it. I will
    replace it with my own creation later tonight.”

    So, evidently, he likes to put meaningless generic clip art on his blog, he doesn’t know that the vast majority of images he finds on Google images are copyrighted, and as of today, my image is still hotlinked on his site, so you can’t trust his word, either!

    Of course, his blog is also still showing the cease and desist I entered as a comment on the blog post.

    Maybe it’s just me, but web theft drives me nuts – not because of the $.44, but the principle. So much for the integrity and trust level inherent in EDU sites!

  19. This is crap. What kind of a university would actually allow to do this ? Does the authorities know about this yet ? Or is it the webmaster making all the money he can spending nothing at all by using the schools dedis.

    damn !

  20. E-Bangladesh, authorities probably have no time to control everything, I would get an .edu blog for myself but there were no reply. Did anyone get a reply on request?

  21. You people are so clueless. Just because Matt Cutts says something, it doesn’t make it so. Lets suppose for a second that edu/gov links WERE given more weight for that sole fact. Do you really believe Matt Cutts would come out and admit that??? WAKE UP!!!

    I like how brave you are Kathleen. I think contrasting what you have posted here, and what you sent to me in emails would make for a great blog on ActiveRain.

    The graphic you are speaking of is GENERIC. There is nothing unique about it, and you could not apply a copywrite to it.

    Yes I am the in house SEO for a very large internet retailer with a network of 9 sites. Full of myself? I don’t think so. I’ll be willing to bet whatever money you have that results I currently have will beat out anyone who has commented on this post.

    Yes, a hotlink is counted as giving a link. A link is a link is a link, whether it goes to a file that is html, swf, jpg, gif, png, xls, pdf, ppt, doc, php, asp, etc.

    Why do you think sites like have such a high PR? People do nothing but hotlink to them!!!!

    Anybody can set up a blog and call themselves an “SEO”.

    Not many people can say they are the sole in-house SEO for a company that did over 12 million in online revenue for 2006, and is already at 8 million for 2007.

    Get back to peddling your point2agent crap, you malignant twat!

  22. David – Until now, this was a quiet thread where I was able to blow off some steam. Aside from Adison, there were no names used and no URLs posted. And, there was no reason for you to come in to defend yourself.

    But, now that you’re here, I’m sure your crude attack and vulgar language has helped everyone clarify their perception of Adison University and its associates.

  23. The details don’t matter Kathleen. You are still a two-faced snake. Your values and opinions are not your own.

    I am not the least concerned about your perception. You’ve made it quite clear that it is out of whack.

    Forum- way to pull that out of your ass. The blog section of adison has very strict guidelines. You will not find anything related to pharma, or any bad neighborhood.

  24. What is the point of an .edu or .gov blog if you can’t promote it as you should because it’s on a subdomain or in a directory and viewed as a deep link. Maybe it’s just slightly better than a blogspot account but will clearly worth less than a regular blog.

    Just take a look at this blog. Don’t you think it’s worth a “bit” more than an .edu subdomain?

  25. That’s excellent. Search engines give more weight to links from .edu and .gov sites because it proves the credibility of the linked sites. It also helps in increasing number of traffic to a site.

  26. I know it’s still early, but none of the new blogs they have listed are ranking for their anchor text that I could see. Even if the PR did work it’s way down, how long would it be before a squidoo-ish filter stomped those blogs into the dirt?

  27. and I’d nofollow that site’s links – took a look and it’s just plain shady. Not that it would negatively impact them or anything, but no linklove deserved there.

  28. On top of everything else, you don’t have real control of those blogs (a friends got it) and he can’t change the theme and I am not sure if can actually change the sidebar links either…

    Don’t think its worth the $25/month ….

  29. I believe that edu and gov does not give any special link weight, and if they did google would easilly filter those urls on them with blog, comment, forum or guestbook etc. included that can give public links.

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