Digg banned Text-link-ads.com

So I wanted to Digg this great blog tool that Patrick and the rest of the guys at Text-link-ads came up with, the Blog Juice Calculator, and Digg tells me :

Digg banned Text-link-ads.com

How not cool is that ? I really don’t think that these guys spammed Digg. And if Text-link-ads’s users spammed Digg with their USEFUL tools, why should they be blamed ?

Update: It seems that Digitalpoint and other websites are banned too.

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  1. Cristian, yeah really no idea why our url is banned from Digg. We rarely submit stories over there and nothing that we don’t think is original. I have heard of many quality sites getting “banned” without knowing why. Maybe it could be TLA affiliates submitting things? Really not sure but we have emailed in asking about this.

  2. I just wanted to digg your new tool. THat’s how I saw the message.

    As far as I know, Dig banned more than 1000 DP members too at one time, including myself.

    I don’t know why, because I certainly DIDN’t spammed the website.

  3. They banned it because people would use their affiliate link, then put up something like “Jessica Alba naked” or “iTunes Music Store hacked” to get people to click the link.

  4. Yeah Mac, but is it their fault (TLA) ?

    How stupid can you be to put an affiliate ID in a Digg story anyway ?

    Digg should’ve banned the user, not the URL itself.

    I am I making any sense ?

  5. Well what’s funny on that whole is, few days ago I was searching for something SEO, and there were few affiliate links for Aaron’s SEO book in there. Quite old ones to it.

    It shouldn’t be hard to write a countermeasure to prevent people from adding affiliate links, but I guess, to make a mass ban is still way easier.

    — Tom

  6. Digg’s ever-evolving anti-spam, anti-fraud scripting is banning plenty of worthwhile domains. Generally, those ‘wrongfully’ banned, were banned due to multiple accounts digging the same story, from the same IP address.

    Email feedback AT digg DOT com, and explain that you aren’t a spammer or cheater, and that you would like your domain unblocked. This has worked for some others, and is definitely worth a shot.

  7. Digg.com is getting cocky and banning small web sites just because digg’s users submit them to digg and digg’s moderators don’t like it. Scifidigg.com is the latest victim of Digg’s “We are big, you are small and we can do whatever we want” attitude.
    First some background.
    After running the website Scifi2u.com for the last year we realised there was a demand for a scifi digg type website – 6 Days ago ScifiDigg.com was born and is powered by open source Pligg and the YouTube API.
    So what went wrong?
    The site went live on the 22 March 2007. People submitted stories and video links to digg and other sites del.icio.us, Yahoo, Simply and Reddit. Having a submit button makes submitting very easy and fast but that could be a problem.
    Let’s get to the point
    Digg’s moderators decided that since the link pointed to my site and the posts are mainly videos from YouTube ScifiDigg should be banned from digg and no other links from scifidigg.com can be posted to digg.
    Digg’s response
    I contacted digg to find out what happened and why they blocked my site. The response I got from them was that my site violated their terms of use, by copying another site. I explained to them that although the video is streamed by YouTube we give the facility for original coments to be added.
    The response I got was that they do not allow sites that copy other sites to be submitted to digg. I told them that according to their rules they should also ban Yahoo news, since it does not have an original content but republish articles from PCWorld, Reuters, MACWorld and others. Also falls under this category other major sites like neowin.net, blink.nu and many more that are doing exactly the same infact they should ban YouTube because the video content is often copied from other video websites. But hey, they are big sites and digg can’t pick on them without repercussion, like they can pick on small blogs that try to establish themselves.
    So what have we learned?
    · Digg’s users don’t really determine what gets promoted, but digg’s moderators do.
    · Digg have a different set of rules for small site and different rules for big sites, even though both are doing the same.
    · Digg will ban a small site just because one of its user’s submitted an article that other digg members liked and promoted, but moderator didn’t like the link.
    · Digg will not listen to reason when told that the site did not violate its TOS.

    I am going to create a Digg.com clone http://www.BannedDigg.com Watch this space!!!

  8. Steve cool off!

    First of all, your site banneddigg.com violates Digg’s copyright by incorporating their name in your domain, so it’s already bad idea. Your site will not survive first Cease and Desist warning.

    Second, you are right – Digg has different set of rules for small and big players, but so does everybody, grow up.

    Third, just like democracy, Digg is not perfect, but this is the best we have. Without moderators Digg will become junk dump for links.

  9. Digg has gotten tremendously lame. There was a time when i anxiously searched my readers for the newest digg article. now i may go 6 – 7 days without having emptied them of all the digg posts. too many trolls. the discussions arent intelligent. and it seems to me that these site bands are capricious.

    “Second, you are right – Digg has different set of rules for small and big players, but so does everybody, grow up.”

    no, everyone does not. its called integrity. the coolness factor with digg was that i could get info from small site i might never have heard of with out digg. this is why digg will fail. it was nice while it lasted.

    BTW, i love your site design. have you found any use for the mybloglog widget?

  10. have you found any use for the mybloglog widget

    Not really .. But it’s cool to have a community there :)

    And to potentially know how my reader community is growing…

  11. I just tried it on Digg and it appears they have unblocked text-link-ads.com from the ban.

    Are you still seeing the other sites banned as well?

  12. Hi Kojak, You can always contact DIGG but really, I don’t think you will get any reply from them. But from my past experience,I have seen, you will only get banned if you have spammed and misuse it, so you really can’t complaint.

  13. well, very interesting. i am using digg since last year but never get banned any website even i submitted one story repeatedly.
    what are the parameters on which digg team banned a website?

  14. It looks really strange that text link ads has been banned by Digg. But when I try to submit a story from this site, showing this domain banned there

  15. Digg banned digitalpoint and digitalpoint users because people were exchanging and buying diggs for $1.

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