A new member: Mihnea Stefan Mezei

Today (actually, 3 hours ago) my wife gave birth to our long awaited boy, Mihnea Stefan Mezei.

A very healthy boy, 2,8 KG in weight, with an APGAR score of 10 :)

I’m the happiest man alive.

PS: Although most people say babies are not so good looking right after birth, mine is more like Brad Pitt.

Mihnea Stefan Mezei

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57 thoughts on “A new member: Mihnea Stefan Mezei”

  1. Congrats Cristi and Ramona… You are some happy parents and i am a happy toys provider! One more customer for me :) Everybody is happy!

    Trebuie sa inchei cu: Sa fie sanatos! Asta conteaza.

  2. You are some happy parents and i am a happy toys provider! One more customer for me :)

    AHAHHAHA. You never waste a good business opportunity huh ? :)

  3. Felicitari, taticule!

    Sa-ti traiasca fiul, sa-ti aduca numai bucurii si sa-ti poarte numele mai departe! :)

  4. Uite acu citii ca s-a nascut astazi !
    Inseamna ca este nascut in zodia gemenilor !
    Persoanele nascute in zodia gemenilor au o inteligenta nativa , asa ca Stefan o sa ajunga departe !

  5. Welcome to the brotherhood of fatherhood friend. It will change your life forever in a good way.


  6. Great news – – it’s been a good time for my SEO family too – http://www.reversedelta.co.uk/blog/?p=85 a second little child born just over two weeks ago – I’ve started optimising her and sorting out her on-site saturation problems(!). It’s just incredible the strength of feeling you have towards a little on when they’re born and I’m right with you – best wishes.

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    You pretty much type a headline and it gives you a score. You keep editing it and changing few words until the score gets higher and higher and i guess next thing you know, you have a catchy headline ;) I think I’ll try it to advertise my coming up business.

  8. Asanya and this comment was indeed related to Cristi’s son birth like … not in a million years ?!? :/

  9. Congratulation Cristi you and ramona too. Make sure your son also walk on your path increase your name and fame so that people should you by his name. Make him more poplular than you.

  10. Congrates!
    Well Intresting Form. I had Never Seen Such Language
    “Website – Spam me, and I’ll Spam you back 100 times”
    But I can understand your condition.Thats Why I too Removed My Sites and email(Sorry for Nasty habbits).Any Way for the subject.
    Their are Killer methods (aka Trapper …) available Do Some Home work and Kick Out the spammer.

    Any Way Again Congrates for being a proud father.
    Straight Away from India

    –Alok Tiwari
    P.S I Don’t Think Email and URL is required to post a comment. Is It!! Then I am sorry.

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