MAC versus PC video – Don’t mess with a PC.

So I AM a Pro-Mac user. I always loved and love the MAC ads that Apple got out(hit reload to see all 6, because they are random), and that whole MAC versus PC campaign. It’s DAMN funny.

Btw. Here are three new ads by Apple, from the same MAC versus PC campaign.

BUT you gotta love this guy, who by himself made this anti-MAC movie. It’s hilarious. It made my day :

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  1. I have been looking for this video for several months now. A friend of mine showed it to me, and I have been looking for it ever since. Is there any chance I can get a link to download the video so I can share it with my friends even when I don’t have an internet connection?


  2. This is an awesome video! everyone i’ve show it to loves it!
    i found this somewhere about three years ago. but it’s still amazing and so true!

  3. I work tech support for Apple (through an outsourced company) and we saw this video in training. We all tried so hard to not laugh…..but it is impossible. It was to make us more sympathetic to the callers. I’d like to think it helped.

  4. Anacita, that video is funny no matter what. I used MAC’s too. They are good. But there’s a ratio of 100 PRO / 1 AGAINST Apple out there (Google Video, YouTube etc).

    This had to come, and frankly it’s just funny :)

  5. Nothing this guy said was true. I’m an Editor, too, and No Professional editors feel as this guy does. He is probably not that talented, as his long winded rant demonstrates.

  6. The comercials for mac are actually quite accurate.

    You see, you choose a PC if you want to actually get s**t done. (Buisness-like guy)

    And you choose a mac if you just want to f**k around. (Hence the easy going dude)

  7. Guys, come on!, it is not a MAC vs PC what this is all about… the real deal here is Windows vs. Mac OS, and it always was.

    By the way…The video is really funny. :)

  8. this was hilarious, the best part though was when he described the function of the hand on the mac, because really, that is the only thing they are good for, boat anchors that is…also, another great quote i have found i “The best accelerator available for a Mac is one that causes it to go at 9.81 m/s2.” not quite sure where i found it, but it is very true lol

  9. this guy is completly right macs are just completly unrelyable my freind had a mac and i used it for and hour and at the end of the sesion i felt like throwing it out the window (2 stories) to sum it all up >MACS LOSE (suk) PC WIN neva buy a mac

  10. I used to be a Commodore Amiga user (Remember those?). I was platform-loyal, to the extent that even when Commodore went bust in 1994 I hung onto the Amiga scene for another 4 years. Only in 1998 did I finally bite the bullet and move to Windows. Why didn’t I go Mac (since the Amiga was more like the Mac than the PC)? Because that 4 years taught me one thing: if you want the biggest choice of options and be in the scene with everyone else, FOLLOW THE DAMN SHEEP! I look at Mac fanatics now and I see the Amiga scene all over again, pimping their rides only because nobody else is using them! PC is the best architecture now because it gets the R&D dollars, it has the mass support, it is the choice civilisation has made – like it or not.
    BTW, that video is just as true of PC as it is of Macs, or even the Amiga (Yes, the Amiga crashed too – what is called a BSOD in Windows was called the Guru Meditation on the Amiga) And yes, it’s hilarious – if only because it’s so true!

  11. my prsnl opnion, its preference…..there’s always been b1tching….MAC vs PC, IE vs Firefox, Intel vs AMD, ATI vs Nvidia as well as PS3 vs 360 vs Wii………..Red vs Blue(now thats funny sh1t)….its bout preferens n stuff like that…ppl like wut they know, mayb now n then they wise up n discover their current preferens sux…n most of the time wen u tell sum1 “hey man, wtf u still using that? it sux” they go all defensv n just get mor stuck in their ways n sumtimes it gets really annoyin but thats how life is….but hey, thats just my opinion

  12. This is funny BUT much of it is not true. When dragging things to your desktop they DO get copied there, they aren’t just aliases. Although difficult, it is possible to put the dock on top with the terminal or a utility like tinkertool. Macs don’t shut down randomly any more, if not less, than PCs.

  13. Reminds me of my final ***few years*** tolerating MS Windows which I now feel was so stupid. After swtiching to Mac, I now save numerous hours per week waiting to reboot the unreliable MS Windows. Life is much better without MS Windows.

  14. This guy truly sucks and the things he is talking about is truly stupid and not true as I have macs and am truly happy as I have had several pc crap computers and you all should try a mac before you open your mouths.

  15. Dude totally. I mean i agree with u. Like macs are gay and like i dint know why i even invented stupid macs but seriously my computers are gay and I’m gay to. Bill Gates is better than me and i don’t know why i tried to mess with him. Anyway i am an asshole and I’m gay. Apple is gay. If you want to complain about me email me at

  16. No one even mentioned Linux. Which is open source and free! It runs better than both of them and with an installation like ubuntu it is as easy to use as either one. Now everyone’s happy.

  17. Actually, a lot of what this guy said was true, I use a mac a lot in the workplace. The random closing of the window pisses me off so goddamn much. Not that Windows is any kind of angel.

    Ubuntu for the win!

  18. Yeah, I actually think this video pre-dates the I -plod. Although macs have become better machines overall they are still lacking. The only thing I liked about working on a mac is it forced me to learn shortcut commands. If i want a nice OS that can’t run the majority of software I will go with Ubuntu.

  19. Everything he said is true, but it depends on the user. I you’re a n00b any OS would get to crash. I remmember when I made my first steps into Windows, it crashed suddenly but then I learned to use it efectively and now it won’t crash anymore. The same happened when using MAC OS or Ubuntu.

    A real pr0 won’t let his computer crash. If it crash on you that means you have not totally understood the OS you’re using.

  20. The chief beef Windoze users seem to have over and over again is that Macs or Linux are not like Windoze, and when they try to use it that way it doesn’t work. I guess it’s a lingering side effect of Microsoft trying to make the world bend to their standard. On a positive note. MS is on the decline, so the MS mafia may have to learn some new skills. :)

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