7 thoughts on “Jeremy Zawodny advertises anything but Yahoo :)”

  1. All of my pages are served up dynamically. With the flip of a switch I can change the ratio of AdSense to YPN and so on. But I ran into some issues with YPN ads a while back (it’s still in testing, right?) and told the YPN team about it.

    No secrets here.

  2. Not a fan Jeremy.. It’s just that I appreciate it’s effect, and that at least I have an option, versus no option.

    Are you against it ? :)

    PS: Can you tell me what kind of problems you had with the YPN! script ?

  3. You would think, I know that post right ? ;)

    PS: What’s Matt doing Jeremy ? He left on a leave at the same time you did right ?

    You came BACK though :D

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