Breaking: Adsense now available for Romania & Greece

As I wrote before, in the initial rumor, then the confirmation (not Google’s though), Adsense is now available for Romanian and Greek languages, officially, as Otilia Otlacan reports.

As people were afraid that the Romanian language does not appear in the official Adsense supported languages page, now it is.

Next time, trust me people :)

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10 thoughts on “Breaking: Adsense now available for Romania & Greece”

  1. Doesnt affect me but then I guess that it make a lot of people happy (I still remember my no adsense gloomy days)… Thanks for keeping us all updated :-)

  2. Can you explain me how exactly does google determine where google ads should be shown? Is there a special robot that scans through the ‘partner’ sites (the ones that displays google ads) or they just rely on the indexed pages they already have for their search engine. If so, how can google know what’s the content for a page that was not indexed yet. If seen many query terms in the google ads iframes, but I wasn’t able to interpret this very well.

  3. Define:contextual advertising:

    A program in which advertisers’ paid listing appear on web sites containing content relevant to the listings. A keyword search isn’t required for the listings to appear. Approved web site publisheers insert code into their web pages to allow the search engine’s technology to determine which ads to serve, based on content relevancy.

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