Adsense: Your first ad unit is the most profitable

The Adsense team just confirmed what we professionals already knew for more then a year now. The first ad unit (HTML source order) will always provide the highest earning ads.

How come Adsense releases this only now ? They could’ve released it ages ago. Is this some sort of desperate way to increase their earnings even more ?

How do I define the ‘first’ ad unit when using multiple ad units?

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14 thoughts on “Adsense: Your first ad unit is the most profitable”

  1. I think this post in their blog is just a startup tip for those (not so fortunate as we are) who just found out about Adsense earnings and want to get a buck or two from it.

    As you can see they are explaining that deep that even a not-so-good html guy can understand. And yeah it’s a way to increase their earnings even more :) Why not after all …


  2. Yes this is true.
    The first ads that are shown on a site are the most profitable. I tested this on 4 of my websites, and as a surprise the CTR was increased and the CPC increased with 100%.

  3. What I meant was, the first ad unit that appears in your source, will yield the highest payouts.

    For example, if you have a 468×60 ad unit in the header and a 468×60 ad unit in the sidebar, and the header ad unit appears first in the source (for example you could easily make the footer ad appear first in the source, trough CSS), that will yield the highest paying ads.

  4. @bhavesh: it means that the highest payed ads will be placed in the first ad in your source code.

    That’s why you have to make them the most visible from your site.

    Am I right, Cristian?

  5. Cristian
    “for example you could easily make the footer ad appear first in the source, trough CSS”

    that what I am trying to say. obviosly ads apprearing first will be most visible (this can be footer ad units, which may be forced to appear first in the code using CSS).

  6. This doesn’t apply in my case, I have a small ad in the top part of the site and a big one a little bit down.

    The big one brings me by far more income and has biggest CTR over the top smaller ad.

  7. I have a question for some time now. Don’t multiple ads on the same page lower the CTR and implicitly the CPC? Wouldn’t be better to just use one ad?

  8. I must say Google ads are grate way to earn money. But it is important that where you place ads. To earn money you need to place ads on a prominent place on a page. If you place ads on a home page at a prominent place like on a top of the site , middle of the site or right side of the side. Google will also help you to organize your ads in a better manner.

  9. They do this I believe so they can retain customers and build customer confidence. Its like a crack addition, you are always chasing that first hit. So with this you are always chasing your first adsense earnings, trying to make what you made your first time around.

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