AdSense now pays through Western Union’s QuickCash service

Western Union Quick Cash payments will be available for pick-up the day after the payment date. The countries where Quick Cash is possible are :

China (Mainland)

The comissions for the Quick Cash service are NOT the same as for the normal Western Union money transfer (hundreds of USD).

In Romania, at least, the commisions are this way (these comissions are NOT present or stated anywhere within the Google Website, nor the Western Union website):

$15 for any sum up to $3000 USD
$25 for any sum exceeding $3000 USD

The maximum payment through this service is $5000. If your payment exceeds $5000, the payment method will automatically convert to the standard check.

You can search valid Western Union agents in your city, that allow QuickCash payments, through Payment Solutions.

When will you receive a payment ? Next day :)

Read more about it in SeoPedia forum (romanian).

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17 thoughts on “AdSense now pays through Western Union’s QuickCash service”

  1. According to an e-mail from AdSense team posted on DP there is no commission for WU transfer. The transfer is free for the publisher, I guess Google made a deal with Western Union.

  2. Trublu, I do, but not from blogging. A lot (hundreds) of others do. But not from blogging.

    Even B5media which is a a network of blogs, each blog having one or more writers, makes about $30.000/month, TOPS.

  3. ty. TY! T Y ! for this news :) I also saw it later when I accessed my account and modified the preferences. WU is a much better option.

    @trublu: Think about media. Think about NY Times for example.

  4. yeah.. i see the answer above (If your payment exceeds $5000, the payment method will automatically convert to the standard check.) but i don’t like-it.. they should introduce EFT for amounts over 5000$ :((

  5. aaah, Finally, no more waiting for 30 days for check to be cleared. I think Google is going toward the right direction. Google seem to have a lot of Publishers from these countries, else they wouldn’t had introduced this offer.

  6. I remember I have seen that there is no fee associated to WE payments, I agree with iPhone, just that…I am not able to find it anymore. I found it reading AdSense help topics

  7. This is the thread I was looking for to answer my question if there’s a fee to receive payments through Western Union Quick Cash. I have read one thread in WebmasterWorld from Adsense Advisor that there is no publisher fee associated with it. I’ll get my money tomorrow. Let’s just see if it really is what he said.

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