Google tests new search results layout

Google has played with the interface layout a lot, over the years.

Now it’s settled with the tabs in the upper left part :

New search results layout

They also enhanced the bar that displays the number of searches and other information, to make it more appealing, with a gradient.

Breaking: Google Analytics gets a major interface upgrade

Google Analytics just upgraded the interface we were all getting used to, with a new enhanced BETA version.

Google Analytics

Neither the Google Blog or the Google Analytics blogs have any posts yet, for this new interface facelift.

From the FAQ Section:

Many accounts already have access to the new version. If your account does not yet have access, you won’t have to wait long. Over the next several weeks, we will be migrating all existing Analytics accounts to the new Google Analytics interface.

Any insights ? How do you guys find the new interface ?

Update: The official Analytics blog published the news just now.

Matt Cutts Hacked ? April 1st or …

Matt Cutts’s blog is hacked ? or is it an April 1st joke again, as Google got us used to… :)

If this is indeed a hack, apparently, it’s a Romanian hacking team :(.

Matt Cutts Hacked

Still, the move seems pretty prepared.

Thanks for the tip Michael M..

Update: Matt now “hacked” the “hacking team’s website”. Way to go Matt :)

Of course I’m lying when I make everyone believe that content is King.
Of course black hat SEO and spamdexing are the only Kings.
Google is just a stupid algorithm relying on spammy backlinks.
But you guys had no right to let everyone know. That’s why I defaced your bloody DST site. To show the entire world how evil a white hat can be.

In fact, I’m as evil as my employer ;-)
All your backlinks are belong to us !

Dark SEO Team

Update, thanks to Eric.

Google TiSP – FREE wireless broadband Internet (April’s 1st)

Google TiSPGod, it’s final. Google has release Google TiSP, the new FREE in-home wireless broadband service.

Google TiSP is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines.

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Internet Explorer 7 optimized for Google

Ok. I never thought this day will come, but since I wrote about Internet Explorer 7 optimized for Yahoo, Google has issued his own version of Internet Explorer 7 optimized for Google:

Optimized for Google with:

Google homepage you can personalize
Google Toolbar
Google Search as your default

When will the pain end ?

Later edit: Apparently, Jeremy noticed that Google’s Internet Explorer 7 optimized page was designed in a copy/paste manner with Yahoo’s previous one. Google has now changed the page to look different then Yahoo’s.

Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! unite to support Sitemaps

Ken Moss, General Manager, Live Search announced:

Today, we are excited to announce that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! are coming together in support of the SiteMaps protocol. The goal of this effort is to improve search results for customers around the world. This protocol enables site owners everywhere to tell search engines about the content on their site instead of having to rely solely on crawl algorithms to find it.

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Google User Experience Research

Following Robert’s “everyone should make a buck” idea, would you like to participate in a Google user study?

What are they after ? Cetainly not involving having electrodes attached to your body. They will just research the data you send them, might ask you for an interview or even send you a prototype to try it out and give them feedback on it.

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The Analytics and Adsense teams want your feedback

Jeff Gillis just posted the feedback request in the Analytics Blog. After offering EFT payments to three more countries (Israel beeing the latest), it seems to me that Google is working hard to integrate the two services and to better offer Adsense publishers, the tools they need to succeed:

Do you use both Google Analytics and Google AdSense? If so, we’d like to get your feedback on two questions: Which Google Analytics reports do you use most often in conjunction with your AdSense account? And which reports or metrics would you most like to see added to Google Analytics?

They have created a special Google Groups thread for you to post your feedback.

This is your chance to suggest new features to Adsense’s team. Make it count.

GooTube faces serious copyright infringement problems

YouTube deletes 30,000 files after Japanese group complains about copyright infringement. That’s what MIT’s Technology Review reports.

If we think of all the other copyright infringement situations that people are predicting, should Google really NOT be concerned ? We all know that this was a pretty easily recognizable situation. When a bigger company buys a smaller company, lawsuits can appear simply because the larger company has more money to settle with, thus the increased likelyhood for the complainters to receive some cashflow.

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