Paypal in Romania

This is already old news, beeing first reported in Seopedia, two days ago. PayPal is now fully accepting Romania, with sending and receiving capabilities, merchant account included.

That means every Romanian citizen can now accept website payments (through PayPal funds, or through Credit Card payments) and can withdraw the money to a Romanian debit or credit card (not a bank account).

Read more in SeoPedia (the largest Romanian SEM community), again, the first source in Romania who unrevealed this braking news.

BlogRush – A new MyBlogLog ?

BlogRushThese days, I am testing BlogRush, an ad network built by John Reese of I want to state from the beginning, that BlogRush is not breaking news. Everybody has wrote about it. Below I will write my own input and that’s it. Moreover, I will try to get a few hundred referrals with the help of the Internet God. :)

BlogRush is your average pyramidal (meaning you can have sub-affiliates and sub-sub-affiliate and … you get the idea) banner / link exchange network, just that it’s presented in a Web 2.0 form: a widget, which you can put in your blog’s sidebar, or in your website’s utility spot.

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Interview with Nitobi Inc., the RobotReplay creator

RobotReplayA few weeks ago, RobotReplay was created, one of the most useful analytics tool in the web today.

In a few words, RobotReplay is what I reckon, the most convenient accessibility and usability workshop in the world, for free, anytime, anywhere. Basically, RobotReplay records all the sessions of your visitors, and shows you what every visitor did on your websites, from scrolling, clicks, completing of forms and selecting text.

The most important thing is that the end result / report is NOT a video but the page itself, and a little bit of javascript, so the bandwidth you save is from 1000% to 5000% perhaps. All you have to do to start monitoring your users, is to put a simple one line of javascript in every page of your website.

The guys from Nitobi Inc, the creators of RobotReplay, were happy enough to answer a few questions for me, clearing up a lot of aspects about RobotReplay but not only.

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The New Rules of Marketing & PR! (I am in the book)

The New Rules of Marketing & PRDavid (Bio) has just finished his new book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR (Amazon buy link, without any affiliate code), featuring the foreword by Robert Scoble.

Apparently, I’m in it, and I will receive a copy of it from David as soon as possible. I will post a review of the book after I read it :)

What made me really happy, were a few words which reflect a state of mind that so many people in the publishing world either do not know, don’t want to know or refuse to believe it:

In the blog world, when someone writes a great post, you link to it. It’s a virtual pat on the back and acknowledgement that the effort was worthwhile. And it recognizes the original idea.

The best reward available today for a blogger or a publisher owning his own piece of real estate on the web, is a natural link.

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PayPal for Romania: Now available, send only

PayPalPayPal now allows users from Romania to register an send only account (Personal / Premiere / Business). That means you can only send money trough Paypal, with funds fueled from a Credit Card.

If you want to receive money (or to have any other type of Paypal merchant services) you will have to wait.

PayPal Romania PayPal Romania

Via Sandossu (with an additional check by me, just to be sure).

Update: The official PayPal Press Release about the expansion to 190 markets worldwide. From it, we learn that PayPal currently has 143 million accounts globally. In the first quarter of 2007, PayPal’s total payment volume was over $11 billion. So we can estimate an aproximate total of $45 billion sales for 2007.

Update 2: Everyone can see what are the services supported for his country, in this very easy to use interface.

Feedburner goes Analytics

Remember when Feedburner aquired Blogbeat ? Well, they are ready to make a blog stats/analytics plugin of their own, and release ot to the public, free.

Since Performancing will close their Metrics service pretty soon (or make it open-source, although I doubt that), and since Google is not ready yet with their MeasureMap service (I emailed them about a beta test account, or an aproximate release date, and they didn’t had any info for me, except “it’s coming”), the Feedburner stats will be your best choice.

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CNN: “100 million sites on the web”. Oh really, CNN?

CNN, through Marsha Walton, just published a truly disturbing article about 100 million sites on the web today, worldwide. First of all, there are maybe 100 million domains on the WWW, not websites. That’s a HUGE mistake and CNN should be more careful about delivering such information to millions of listeners.

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Quantcast: Find ratings for 504,723 sites

QuantcastQuantcast is a team of web analytics experts building powerful statistical technology to understand internet audiences. Quantcast helps web publishers of all sizes understand the composition of their audiences and attract higher advertising rates, and helps advertisers and agencies find elusive online audiences wherever they might be. This web site allows anyone to view audience reports on hundreds of thousands of websites.

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Who will buy Digg and how powerful is Digg ?

DiggMichael Arrington just gave the news about Digg being in recent acquisition discussions with a number of companies, including News Corp. This had to come for some time now, simply because of Digg’s inability to monetize the website and/or keep up with the bandwidth costs. They supposedly use 75 servers that do the work of what 25 servers should do.

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