The new Airsoft Shop in Bucharest:

AirshopThe Neutro team just released the project we’ve been working for for several months now:

It’s an Airsoft shop, with guns, pistols and accesories. For those of you who don’t know what Airsoft is, it’s the future of military simulations. Think Paintball multiplied by 10 + military realism.

Read the Airsoft article on Wikipedia, and this video on YouTube (one of the largest game matches in the world: Irene).

Nevertheless, I’m waiting for bugs and problems with the website :)

Congrats team, and thanks Rares (for your ex tenuous work on the PHP) and Alex (for your countless hours of QA on the website).

The power of web interaction and quality content

I just followed a link from a comment in Aaron’s blog, and ended up in Igor Mordkovich’s blog.

Igor blogs mostly about PPC, because that’s what his expertise is.

From the index, I was just a click away from 17 Most Common PPC Mistakes Web Marketers Make. I read the article top to bottom. It clearly shows that Igor paid a lot of attention when he wrote the article. Almost all the advices he written, are practical ones, although not all are for advanced PPC account managers.

Apart from the fact that if you do not involve yourself in the industry and start commenting on blogs, websites and communities that are related to your field, you won’t get much coverage for your content website (may it be a blog or a news website), from this single, quality, passionate and helpful article Ivan wrote and I read, I’m positive that Igor deserves a link from my blogroll. And I’ll be reading more in the future.

That’s how well written content brings you natural links from quality and related websites.

Ionut Chitu / Google Operating System: Most read Romanian

Google Operating SystemDid you know that Ionut Chitu’s Google Operating System blog is the most read Romanian website on the Internet ?

Ionut Chitu

He has even more readers then Darren Rowse:

Darren Rowse

Matt Cutts:

Matt Cutts

or Brian Clark:

Brian Clark

Congrats Ionut, once again. Seeing that you have been blogging out of passion (and not the desire to make money), and you’ve been doing that for a little over an year, you should receive the award of the year for the best “natural marketing”.

This post’s ideea started from Alex.

Update: I think Ionut is actually in the Top 10 bloggers worldwide, with close to 40K subscribers. I’m not talking about news websites like TechCrunch or GigaOM, but individual blogs, written by only one author.

The Church of Google

Google ChurchEver wondered how Google’s church would look like ? I am here to take you into the deepest of our God’s Church.

I have been recently promoted to Minister and I preach at Google’s Church twice a week. If you choose to follow my word, my son, I have to warn you, that unworthy outsiders may persecute you for your religious convictions.

We all know that Google is our God. There’s no doubt about that.

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Digg banned

So I wanted to Digg this great blog tool that Patrick and the rest of the guys at Text-link-ads came up with, the Blog Juice Calculator, and Digg tells me :

Digg banned

How not cool is that ? I really don’t think that these guys spammed Digg. And if Text-link-ads’s users spammed Digg with their USEFUL tools, why should they be blamed ?

Update: It seems that Digitalpoint and other websites are banned too.

Google’s 56 forgotten (secret) pages, part two

Google SecretsSome time ago I was writing Google’s Secrets part 1. Time to show everybody, other Google things that most of us don’t see/get.

Again, some of these pages are indeed still public, but either have not been seen by many people, have been missed or are just very hard to find. The rest are just NOT public anymore and can be found either by searching the search engines for keywords, or by consulting the sitemap.xml and the robots.txt files:

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Search Marketing Standard magazine

Search Marketing Standard magazineIndeed. The industry’s only dedicated search marketing print magazine ?

They also have a subscription service (with shipping worldwide and really low prices overall, eg. $20.00/year) and an affiliate program.

You can contribute to their magazine to get your name known (also published in their website and in the printed magazine) and you can read their blog :)

Search Marketing Standard is a quarterly magazine for small to mid-size business and marketing professionals. Each one of our quarterly issues is filled cover-to-cover with invaluable how-to articles, advice on improving advertising campaigns, and tips written by experts to help our readers increase their bottom line.

Via Andy.

The Digg effect

StuntDubl just wrote an absolutetly wonderful article: 18 Questions Your CEO Forgot to Ask When Building Your Website.

This article ended up in Digg, with 251 Diggs after just 1 hour 33 minutes and still counting. Off course, is now DOWN :)

The Digg/Slashdot effect people. It happens to bigger houses too.

I recommend the article to anyone at DuggMirror or after he gets his website back up :)