Help Cristina to get her life back

Cristina (in the website, you have 4 languages to choose from) is a 21 years old girl who has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (LAM – M2) in March 2006, a very serious illness which resides in the spinal cord. It’s a fatal disease if it’s not treated properly and at the right time, but even during the treatment, there is a high chance of death.

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Please update your feed reader

FYI, just a quick note to everyone subscribed to my blog’s feeds, please change it to reflect the one I am using now, at FeedBurner:

There are about 150 of you guys only in Bloglines (using about 4 different feeds).

I’m going to take advantage of this post to also let you know that I changed some category names and structure, therefore some previous permalinks will no longer work. So you might want to recheck your bookmarks and links towards my blog.


Nokia N72. Part 2.

Some time ago I spoke about having a new phone .. Well dang .. I lost it in a cab 4 days ago. The cab driver knew nothing about this. Go figure.

It’s the first time in my life when I loose something so it came pretty down on me, especially since my 500+ contacts are now lost, with most of them beeing practically unrecoverable.

Now I just bought a Nokia N72. The sounds/speakers suck.

Moving out

These couple of days, i’m moving with my home, so i will barely have time to write, or to answer mails, check forums etc.

At the other location i don’t have an internet connection yet, but i will have in a matter of days/weeks.

If anybody wants to get a hold on me, just use the mobile phone, that God entrusted you with. :)