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The online IT&C store, Insoft, was recently banned from Google. See it (or not) here.

This could be because they recently (2-3 months ago) purchased site-wide text links all over Softpedia, Kappa, Acasa, Legaturi and other huge romanian or international portals.

It seems that the recent SEO spam filters, which Google is applying to non-english websites, are prooving to be effective as Matt Cuts states here and here.

Users who find themselves banned from Google, can always fill in a reinclusion request form.

Edit 02.02.2006: It seems to me that they recently (as shown in this Google Groups discussion ) duplicated their whole notebook category and sub-categories, in a 100% similar category, by replacing only the word “notebook” with the word “laptop”, in the new laptop category. This too might be one of the reasons for their website banning.

As always, i really want to warn the owners of the websites that currently have site-wide links towards the online store Insoft, about removing their links. Websites that link to other penalised/banned websites, can at their own turn, be penalised or banned.

As for the theory that “someone who hates me, banned my site somehow” , here is the answer from Google Webmaster Facts :

  • Fiction: A competitor can ruin a site’s ranking somehow or have another site removed from Google’s index.
  • Fact: There’s almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index. Your rank and your inclusion are dependent on factors under your control as a webmaster, including content choices and site design.

If I find more, i’ll post it here.

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18 thoughts on “ banned from Google”

  1. Hear this….

    Four of my clients were banned by Google Adsense and they didn’t get an explanation. They’ve been told that “it’s our sole discretion to stop a partnership with our publishers”

    What do you think about it?

  2. Usually they provide a motive for banning. Lately they even warn publishers. So your clients must’ve had click fraud or something similar. If gour of your client were banned together, it must mean that you used tehniques outside of the Adsense TOS boundaries.

    So what were they ?

  3. The simple reason for being banned is that google tries to stop any opportunity for all the “adsense dedicated websites” ;- )

  4. …It seems to me that they recently (as shown in this Google Groups discussion ) duplicated their whole…

    I just think that it would be more SEO Senior like to place the link on Google Groups discussion rather than this.

    A very nice blog, I think I’ll read it some more.

  5. yes, your link links to a _GoogleGroupsDiscussion_, but the link is placed on the _this_ word before the description of the item the link refers to, that is the discussion.

    It just seems much better to name links with relevance to their content, rather than with words like “this” “here” “now” etc.

    Especially in the example given, where the actual content of the link is described on the page, but the link is place on that silly _this_.

  6. I don’t believe in google measures even for one second, i saw spamers been in the first position( first page) for years, and maybe good and real content site on the 10-15th page. I’ve made a real semantic and normal site with normal content a week away was good positioned and now after “good” changes in google algorithms this site is on the 4th page and spamers with hundreds of indoor pages are on the first page…so i don’t think that real web content with semantic tags and everything is a guarantee for a good position, and that’s because this changes…i think google became something like Microsoft…and this is not good…all web masters are “dancing” by the Google rules…

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