How to get unlimited links and content on a .edu domain

Each day I’m getting so many spam comments, with links to files hosted on .edu domains. I am wondering, how are these people getting access to them ? Most of the time they put a certain URL in their comment URL field, as well as in the body, that lead to redirects to porn websites. Here is an example :

.edu spam

The .edu link above redirects to : (warning, it’s p0rn).

Why aren’t these things under control ? I found spam on .edu domains in the past too. On a much greater scale.

I decided to see how the heck this(ese) dude(s) managed to do this spam. It’s EASY. Just go to which is a Wiki. Click on upload file (lower left toolbar) and there you go. Have a look at that SPAM and p0rn. As a total unauthorised person, you can upload any file, link to it, redirect it, etc.

The amount of spam generated in this way on .edu domains is unacceptable. Schools should REALLY enforce security on what their students can do (if this was done by a student). Or maybe the whole subdomain + the wiki (not just the upload of pages) were created by someone with access to the servers, with the sole reason in mind, to spam.

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  1. This is really interesting, and I’m sure there’s a lot of open sites like this on .EDU domains. But I think what is key here for SEO is that sneaking links here an there on obscure .EDU sites really isn’t good SEO. I say this, because the key to getting .EDU and .GOV backlinks has less to do with simply being on an educational or government website, but has more to do with the likelihood of a .EDU and .GOV being seen as a trustworthy, authoritative site. My guess is that most of those sites (or areas of the site) are difficult to get links on, but would have the most impact. My other guess is that simply having a link on a subdomain of Berkeley wiki isn’t going to do very much to help any site in the SERPs.

  2. I’m just saying that everybody can do it. I’m not the one who’s gonna’ tell you that .edu links are gold, or that links from that subdomain are really going to be useful for any website. But in the sheer quantity these guys are getting (from machine generated spammy blog/forum/website posts/comments)links, they’re as usefull as any other link in the same quantity.

    Most of the guys out there really enjoy this .edu and .gov trend. Most of the black hat guys, because what I wrote above is a true blackhat tehnique.

    I am going to settle with a link from though.

  3. So seeing that you are using this blackhat tehnique, tell me more. Did it helped you to spam all the .edu domains ? How much did it helped ? What software did you used ?


    PS: I’m trying to make the best out of the worst. You are still a spammer, and you know that right ?

  4. Its not a matter – edu, com or net.
    As u know google (during building his indexes and therefore search results) looks at many criteria and the main are: first is the % of keyword word :) in the page and the second is – quantity of backlinks (aka rating to popularity). Actually I hate _mail_ spam and i dont use it in my seo workz, but sometime a have to use “search” spaming to make backlinks.

  5. but sometime a have to use “search” spaming to make backlinks

    How do you find websites to spam ? What software do you use ? Those are the questions that I want you to answer.

  6. Weird!

    .edu redirected to a p0rn ??
    Thanks for pointing that Cristian!
    And ya as tyler said, the wiki is not in-editable to me too!

  7. Hi,
    Its a informative post.Until i read your post,I am not aware of this.yeah, i agree with Adrian Stanila, google is the master of searching spam sites.Thanks for sharing with us!

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