Yahoo! partners with HP to offer online services

Yahoo! Inc. announced its plans to deliver Yahoo! services to HP consumer PCs in Europe and North America, including regional combinations of a Yahoo! and HP co-branded toolbar, Yahoo! start page and Yahoo! set as the default search engine in Microsoft’s upcoming Internet Explorer 7 on HP consumer desktop and notebook PCs.

So Yahoo! partners with Hewlett Packard after just 15 days from the last agreement with ACER to form a multi-year partnership to deliver Yahoo! products and Services to ACER customers worldwide.

As Ross Dunn mentions, this might level the share of global local search.

HP & Compaq sold aprox. 130 Million PC’s in 2001 -2005, and have an estimate sales number of 246 Million PC’s for 2006-2010 (via Computer Industry Almanac). So imagine 300 Million + users of Yahoo search, as fast as you can say “cheese” :)

The funny thing is, that when I bought my new Toshiba notebook about 2 weeks ago, the case (and the notebook itself) came like this (pictures taken with a Nokia N72 mobile phone, during low light conditions, so bare with me please):

Toshiba Notebook bundled with MSN

Off course I uninstalled all the Microsoft search products that came preinstalled on my notebook.

I wonder how long will this Microsoft -Toshiba relationship last.

Via Stepforth Blog.

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