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Maria Sansone on Yahoo 9So I’m reading my daily nightly dose of Yodel and I see this great blonde chick on the first page. What’s her name ? Maria Sansone. She is the youngest TV reporter in the history of network television.

She’s the host of Yahoo 9 (excerpt from the movie below):

The 9 is a web based show. It’s actually a web-sessed and celebrity-sessed show that they put on Yahoo! every single day. It’s 4 minutes long, and basically in 4 minutes they aggregate everything that’s great on the Internet and package it into an easy to navigate, easy to digest, easy to laugh at, 9 chunck countdown hosted by the incomparable Maria Sansone.

A truly amazing backstage pass video to Yahoo’s 9 show:

People are also monitoring the cool looks of Maria in each and every show. :)

Now get BACK to WORK!

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