Technorati uses a new system to count links and rank blogs

Brian Pinkerton just released a post letting us know that about a month ago, Technorati started using a new system to count links and rank blogs.

This new “secret” method of ranking blogs in their index is supposed to be both faster and more reliable than the old one.

While stale link counts are a thing of the past, the new system is not perfect. When things go awry the new system produces mistakes just as fast as it had been producing correct answers. As a consequence, link counts and rankings can fluctuate up and down alarmingly in a day. Or, the system gets slow and doesn’t produce answers at all. We’re on the path to fixing these problems and hope to have it completely solved soon. Nevertheless, when you see something amiss, please let us know!

Let’s wait a bit and see if we have any changes in the rankings or the Top100 blogs.

Update: Brian tells us how the new link and rank system works.

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