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October 01st, 2007 - Filed under Affiliate Programs,Industry News by Cristian Mezei
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Inscrie-te in PayPal si accepta plati instant!

This is already old news, beeing first reported in Seopedia, two days ago. PayPal is now fully accepting Romania, with sending and receiving capabilities, merchant account included.

That means every Romanian citizen can now accept website payments (through PayPal funds, or through Credit Card payments) and can withdraw the money to a Romanian debit or credit card (not a bank account).

Read more in SeoPedia (the largest Romanian SEM community), again, the first source in Romania who unrevealed this braking news.

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11 Comments so far

Nicholas said:
October 3rd, 2007

Great News Go Romania Go!
Even if a bit old it is always good to hear.
It’s about time the west looks at Romania as a civilized country and one that has a lot of potential to prosper and bring to the world her entire rich cultural and traditional values.
since I am here I might as well let you know of this site i found. May add up to some interested people to brake into the profitable world of PPC Marketing. Thank you! Toate Cele Bune !

October 3rd, 2007

I never use PayPal :),but now if is working in Romania,i will try to do some money :), thanks for this post, great info for me

PyroliMadrik said:
October 8th, 2007

Im from RO . PayPal s..ks , if you want to cash out , better other options , they will send you a 4 digits number , if you enter a wrong number your credit card is blocked . They send me the number , I submit it on the site , and wanted to cash out , they said : wrong number , am I blind ?

I will never have to deal with this PayPal , I send them e-mail , to ask why they have blocked my card ?? No answer ! CONFIDENCE 1/10 .

October 8th, 2007

Hey there,

Might want to check the PayPal section of the SeoPedia forum.

You’ll find the cards that work with PayPal and more.

trendarica said:
October 19th, 2007

Great, now I can check eBay for some goodies. Good, good, good!!!

October 20th, 2007

I only have one more wish to come through then I can die :) ClickBank to accept Romania.

February 10th, 2008

Also 2 month ago we get PayPal to Slovakia. So it seams that Paypal is qonquering EU.

Viorel said:
May 18th, 2008

I use paypal , it is a good service and i`am so happy that we can use in Romania.I buy from internet with paypal.

Paypal another US CORPORATION said:
September 21st, 2008

someone had to pay me from thru paypal from romania, I am in US. he had a sending limitation of 200$

america is not america anymore.
america is rockefeller, Shell, bp, walmart and all the big corporations

Pepe said:
October 2nd, 2008

Like PyroliMadrik said, PayPal in Romania sucks. Last year they blocked my card; after some mails from me they reenabled it, but still not worked.
Maybe I’ll try again this year. With another card. Or another name? Or another country??? PayPal are really scared to death of romanians.

October 17th, 2010

That’s bulls*it Pepe. I am using Paypal since it’s arrival in Ro. I NEVER had any trouble at all with receiving money or withdrawing them to my card (it takes about 2 days to get them into my ING account).

Did they tell you why did they block your card?

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